Are you ready to embrace your soul path and amplify the impact you’re making on the earth?



Have you been hearing a call to make a bigger difference in the world? Hearing a voice that tells you it’s time to get rid of the self-doubt and fear so that you can take your work to the next level in the world?



You know deep down that it’s not a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN” you’ll finally get past the roadblocks so you can access your inner wisdom, reach your full potential and embody the freedom you know you should be feeling in your life. 





Instead of focusing on what used to work for you and living in old, outdated patterns, what would your life be like if you created a way for your soul to communicate directly with your heart and mind? If your soul starting running the show in your everyday life?


I know you understand what I am talking about!


What if you turned toward that soul wisdom within.


Sometimes it has gotten so quiet that you barely noticed it was still there.


There’s a pull from inside you asking you to pay attention and telling you that NOW is the time to open to a new way of being so you can FINALLY live your life fully on fire, filled with passion, true knowing and confidence.





When we work together, we expand your consciousness so your body and mind begin to align with your soul’s calling.


You align with your true knowing and you access the hidden realms of your potential.


Your heart fire awakens, and your entire being aligns with your true purpose so you can evolve and walk the path you’re meant to be on. 


Welcome to your Sacred Soul Path.


From my soul to yours,


Respond to the call

Walk your true path

If you’re on a path, making a difference in the world but feeling emotionally exhausted,  lost and stagnant, or unsure how to shift what needs to be shifted, you’re not alone. You’re feeling the pull of the fire that lives inside you. The secret is that the discomfort you’re feeling now is propelling you forward to create change. Life is meant to be fulfilling. When energy isn’t moving, your inner fire isn’t fed and you’re not able to make a bigger impact in the world. When you clear old patterns of energy, step into a new frequency, and walk your Sacred Soul Path, you’ll create a solid plan for connecting with source. Then you can access key information you need to trust yourself and uplevel your healing potential in the world. You’ll tap into the soul pulse, and transform what no longer serves you so you can activate the power inside you and 10x the impact you make on the planet. You’ll feel confident and free and it becomes easy to make soul-level decisions and live in alignment with your purpose. 

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“I was searching for the next step. Feeling like I was stagnant in my practice and it was time to start taking the steps even though I did not know what it looked like. After going through Brighid’s training, I’m able to step in trust, have a solid ongoing relationship with Spirit and myself! I am now confident in myself and what I bring to others. Brighid taught me how to work directly with Spirit, cutting out the need to rely on someone else.”
Elizabeth Figueroa

Lilly at Heart

There was a spiritual, molecular shift that happened for me. I was finally able to see at the core of what my issues were and make a huge shift. The first shamanic session was completely mind blowing. Each session with Brighid brought me something I really needed in my life!

Photographer, Pennsylvania

“Working with Brighid has been life-changing. I’ve connected with Spirit in ways I’ve never known possible. Finding guidance, respite, a sense of safety, and protection I’ve never known. In this connection, I’ve opened and have experienced relationships in new ways. Building a relationship with Spirit is building trust with myself, opening me to greater trust in others.”
Angela Hazen-Shueffner


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