Here is my complete list of 10 Signs that Healing is Happening:


  1. You decide to change your paradigm around what is possible.
  2. You adopt a new way to phrase your challenges, moving from “This is hard” (there is very little room for movement here) to “This is challenging and I am still moving forward” (Invites a willingness for a current of change to flow through)
  3. You begin to acknowledge your progress, rather than your perceived limitations.
  4. You look for a way through, versus a way out.
  5. You say yes to receving help, even when you are unsure of what that will look like.
  6. You begin talking to your body in kind ways. (Offering your body gratitude vs criticism)
  7. You stop trying to control things that dont matter.
  8. You say yes more than you say no, and are open to new ideas.
  9. You begin to focus on the possibilites of how it CAN happen, vs. how it cant.
  10. You spend time thinking about how you want to feel, and begin to embody that a little more each day.

© Brighid Murphy 2014

UPDATE 2021: This was actually updated as a video series that starts here if your a more visual or auditory learner. ENJOY!! 😊


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