Sacred Soul Challenge

Go from wondering how to get back in the flow with your soul to knowing exactly how to open to the sacred that lives inside you…in 21 days.

21-Day Sacred Soul Challenge 

It’s an online 21-Day experience that’ll be your step-by-step guide for tapping into the power of sacred meditation so you can heal, transform and embody your intuitive guidance. It will take you from feeling uncertain about meditation to knowing exactly what you need to do to open your own portal to the sacred forces inside you. You’ll work with the power of sound, silence, drums and rhythm as you find how easy this can flow into your very full routine. All you need to do is grab your device and show up.  We’ll meet for 30 minutes each day. 

Each day of the challenge, you’ll receive instruction that guides to into a sacred relationship with your soul. Over the course of this 21 days, you’ll:

how to open space in your everyday life so the sacred can reach you

what you need to do to open your mind, body and heart to hear messages

enhancing the dialogue with your inner wisdom 

tips and tricks to help you expand yourself as a conduit for healing

As you participate in these activation sessions each day,  something new will open inside you. Is it time for you to expand the pathway to your soul? Are you up for this transformative experience? Do you live a full life and really wish you knew how to take a little time for yourself each day?

Brighid Murphy is a soul-centered healer, shamanic practitioner and teacher, and community leader. She’s been in a relationship with her own sacred helpers, as well as physical teachers for 20+ years. Brighid is a mentor and empowerment teacher for the next generation of healers and holistic practitioners. She’s the creator of the Sacred Listening Method, Soul Path Programs, The Healers Collective, and in-depth shamanic immersions and 1:1 transformational healing experiences.

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