In this training, I wanted to share with you the key elements of Shamanic Healing, the things I’ve learned from my spiritual teachers, and the 5 parts of my work as a shamanic healer. All these teaches are connected, so take a listen and let me know how this has helped you as a healer.

Here are some of the things that I learned from my spiritual teachers:

  • Ceremony
  • First Nation Traditions (not just North America)
  • Relationships with Elemental Forces
  • Making My Own Tools
  • Embrace Shamanic Healing Work

In this video I go more in depth about Restoring Balance and Power through these key shamanic practices:

  • Listening to the Spirits, the Natural World, someone’s soul
  • Creating a relationship with spirit – reciprocity
  • Ceremony
  • Stepping Yourself Aside (your thinking, your mind)

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