I see a lot of people posting about the “energy” of the planet right now. I want to remind us all that the energy of the planet is in flux, it has been and is going to be, from this point forward. It’s not just a week here or a week there. The whole time right now, is SHIFT. It’s not just today, this month, when mercury is retrograde or on the next full moon eclipse.

Continual waves of change are the new norm. And while this is true (and sometimes unsettling), there has never been an easier time to direct your energy and take advantage of the opportunity to harness the chaos. It’s easier than ever to open portals, direct your focus and get yourself aligned with what you want. I am helping people to do this everyday, so I know it’s possible and I feel your potential.

I want you to remember that you can be in command of your energy, and ride the tidal waves with more ease and understanding. Get grounded. Get centered. Look toward the sky. And ask for help. Accept that help. Repeat.


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