5-Day Sacred Rhythm and Healing Challenge

Go from wondering how to access the power inside you to knowing exactly how to find it and channel it for healing.

The Sacred Rhythm and Healing Challenge is an activation for spiritual seekers

It’s a 5-Day experience where you’ll enter a frequency that opens and aligns your healing channel so you can open to the power inside you while embracing the sacred.

From the very beginning of your life, sound, and rhythm are inside and all around you. Water is an amplifier of sound and you’re immersed in it from the moment your body begins to grow. Originally attuned to sound, you respond to it instantly and follow its rhythm because your cells are pre-programmed to do this. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing happen naturally when you intentionally awaken that rhythm, welcome it, and work with it.


In this 5-day challenge, you’ll learn how to access the power of the sound inside you to align with it, expand your consciousness and heal. As a result, you can transform stuck energies for yourself, others, and the planet. 


In this 5 day experience, you’ll go from wondering how to access the power inside you to knowing exactly where and how to find it to channel it for healing. We’ll work with the sacred energy of the drum and rattles as we open to the natural rhythm inside you. All you need to do is show up and join me!

Each day of the challenge you’ll receive a live instruction that guides to into a sacred relationship with the sound and rhythm of your soul. Over the course of these 5 days you will:

with your soul so the sacred can access you

a frequency that opens your mind, body and heart so you hear whispers from your guides

opening to the power of the rhythm inside you 

old stories and become confident to open to the energy of your sacred voice

As you participate in the live challenge each day, you can ask direct questions and share what you discover with us. Is it time to accelerate your healing path so you can hold a stronger frequency for yourself and the planet? Are you up for this transformative experience? We’ll meet from 8-9am EST from June 12-16. Recordings will be available if you can’t make it live.

Brighid Murphy (she/her/hers) is a transformational healing catalyst, equity-centered coach and community leader. Being in a relationship with her own sacred helpers, as well as physical teachers for 20+ years, she’s an accelerator who works with spiritual seekers and healers to invite them into a clear frequency that aligns and expands their consciousness for optimal healing. She’s the creator of the Sacred Listening Method, Path to Power Programs, The Healers Collective, in-depth shamanic immersions and 1:1 transformational healing experiences.

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