Hey there beautiful people. Brighid Murphy here and I’m over here like you’re over there navigating the waters that we are currently swimming in. Although sometimes it does feel like we’re drowning.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a shamanic healer and a teacher and I help people to access their wellness so that they can heal from within.


Today’s topic is all about what to do when you don’t know what to do. A lot of folks are asking lately where to start. Folks are saying they feel out of sorts, imbalanced, and not sure what’s happening on the planet.


Where do I start?

What do I need to do to come back into my center and to be able to exist in these times?


And so I’ve been really thinking about it, and I’m going to share with you a few things that I do that are helpful and you can do them too.


Feel/Be Strong

The first thing that comes to me is that we really need to be strong. The time for being unsure is not now. We need to be strong and we need to be centered. So find a practice that’s going to help you feel strong.


For some people, it’s going to the gym every day, that makes them feel strong. For some people, it’s taking a class to keep their mind sharp, that makes them feel strong. And for some people, it’s going to therapy once a week to make them emotionally strong and supportive.


Whatever it is, and I’m sure you’re thinking of it right now: What will make you feel strong? Where do you need to be stronger? Find that and stop making excuses and start doing things to make you feel strong.


The reason for that is is that when we feel strong, we make better decisions. When we feel strong, we are less likely to stay in a place of despair or fear. So go to what makes you feel strong and practice it. That’s the first thing.


Find A Guide

The second thing is is that it’s time to find a guide, it’s time to find a mentor or a coach or a spiritual oriented teacher to help to move and focus you in the next direction. And that could be that you have a therapist. It could be that you have a personal coach. It could be that you are involved in a group that helps you move forward.


Whatever it is, find a guide, follow them, work with them and allow yourself to receive some help so that you are not doing it all on your own.


Prioritize Yourself

The third thing is, and this is something that people go kicking and screaming from. We talk about it all the time and that is to prioritize the taking care of you. It is not negotiable.


Your self care is not negotiable.


I don’t care what stories you have, whatever you’ve created that you’re not important enough to take care of yourself. Lose the stories and step into practices that are going to help you.


For me as a helper, I help people and I work with people all the time. I love it and I need to make sure I take care of me. So, one of the self care pieces that I do is that each morning as I sit for my quiet time or meditation, I light a tea light candle for myself.


I’ve spent plenty of time working with other people. I need to remember to light a candle and put some focus on me. So prioritizing self care should be high on the list.


Be In Community

And the fourth thing is to be in community. Make a weekly or a monthly commitment to being in community, whether it’s a dance group or a chant group or a book club or a potluck group that gets together.


It doesn’t really matter, pick what works for you, but find something that is community oriented and push yourself to go to it. If you’re like me, you kind of tend to be by yourself a lot. I have to push myself to go do community events at times because I tend to isolate myself. Not everyone does that regardless, find something that you can do in community regularly.


It will help to strengthen everything and help you to feel not so alone. This is not a time to be alone. This is a time to come together and find your people: community.


Honor Your Feelings

And the last thing is to pay attention to your emotions, pay attention to what’s coming up from underneath honor, the feelings don’t stuff them down. And in the honoring, remember, the feelings are only temporary. They’re not gonna last forever and it’s ok to express them, it’s ok to receive help in expressing them whatever you do, don’t keep them in, let them flow.


That’s my short list of how to survive in these times when we’re being asked to trust, we’re being asked to trust on a whole new level. Personally, emotionally, spiritually, politically, we’re being asked to trust in ways we were never asked before. In order to do that, we need to prioritize and make sure that we are taking care of important elements of our life.


So just to recap here,


  • Being strong is the first thing that you want to focus on picking a practice that’s gonna help you a class that’s gonna help you to be strong, physically, emotionally, mentally.
  • Second thing is to find a guide, a coach, a mentor, a group, somebody who can help you come up with a plan or can help you to move forward in whatever area you want to move forward.
  • Third thing is to prioritize yourself, make sure that you do one thing each day that takes care of you and honors you truly don’t put it off.
  • The fourth thing is to be in community to make sure that you on a regular basis are committed to being in with people so you’re not alone.
  • And the fifth thing is to honor your feelings, honor your feelings and remember that they are just temporary.


The last thing actually that I forgot to mention was if you want to help, once you’ve taken care of, you care of you and you want to be in a place of service in the world, pick something that’s really important to you in these times, find a group that’s already doing it and join them.


And if you find out that you are really super stressed that you’re not really sure what’s happening, you feel blocked inside, I always offer a free breakthrough session. You can always contact me and we could set up a time to help, clear some of the stuff that’s in your way.


So I hope this is helpful. I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below if you would like to let me know what you think.


Thank you and have a beautiful day.

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