Today, I’m gonna talk about the ways that you can receive information. Healers, energy workers, empaths, intuitives — we all receive information from spirit, from our guidance, from our intuition, from another person’s body. We receive information in different ways. And if we can identify them and know what ways are possible to receive information, it can be helpful in getting to know our own way of helping and getting clarity on things. So I want to talk about five ways that people receive information. You may experience all of these, you may experience some of them. Everybody’s different. There’s no right or wrong.


Way #1 Intuitively

One of the ways that we can receive information is intuitively. That’s when we receive it in our gut, we feel it somewhere. There’s just a knowing and there’s nothing else attached to it. It’s a deep knowing. A lot of times people will doubt their intuition or doubt that information when it comes through because there’s no backup to it. And because we’re not really trained or taught to trust our intuition. Intuitive is one way that we can receive information and we could probably talk for days about that.


Way #2 Auditorily

Another way that we can receive information is auditorily – through sound. And that can happen when we hear sound as if it was in the room. It can also happen when we hear sound from inside of us or more internally. When we’re receiving information, auditorily, it doesn’t always come through really clearly. I think most of us wish we would get clear signs like, ‘Brighid go to the left shoulder, this is what’s happening’. Sometimes that does happen, but most often it doesn’t. When I get information, auditorily, I will sometimes hear a few words or receive something that tells me to move your hands or go in a different direction. I don’t always receive full sentences.


Sometimes I hear it outside of myself or it appears to be outside of myself and sometimes I hear it more internally. You may receive information auditorily and you might not even know it. So that’s another way that you can receive information through sound, through hearing words, even colors or music. There’s different ways, there’s different vibrations that you can receive auditorily where you hear them either externally or internally.


Way #3 Visually

The third way of receiving information is visually, seeing it. And there’s even a breakdown of ways that we could categorize this. Some people see information visually as if it’s right in front of them. So for instance, somebody who sees things in that way might see someone walking down the street or have somebody on a massage table and working on them and they can see an energy that’s intrusive or they can see something that is in the body or around the body. And for some people they see with their mind’s eye. So it’s something that they see in their imagination. Well, I don’t really believe in imagination. I think that anything that we see exists somewhere but a lot of people call it imagination. We can call it the mind’s eye. So visually, you can get information through seeing it as if it’s physically in front of you and/or seeing it with your mind’s eye.


Way #4 Viscerally

The fourth way that you can receive information and these ways are in no particular order is viscerally and that means you physically feel it not just intuitively feel it, but physically feel it in your body. When I’m working with people, I often receive visceral information. And what that looks like is I will have my hands on somebody or I’ll be doing some type of healing and I feel pain or a ping or a prompt in an area of my body. And I know it’s not mine. I know there’s no rational reason for it. And I listen to that. When that happens I say, ‘oh thanks for the information’. And then I either move to that area of a person’s body or I inquire about that area on a person’s body. That’s receiving information viscerally, where I feel what’s happening and I know what area to go to or to take action based on that.


Sometimes people will feel other people’s pain and they think they’re taking it on. And that’s actually not the case. If we take the emotional charge out of experiencing other people’s pain, we can understand that pain is an indicator. The healer, feeling pain in their own body is an indicator and a piece of information that tells them where to go versus taking on somebody else pain, which is a whole other discussion.


Way #5 Olfactory

The last way of receiving information that I wanted to share is through the olfactory senses, through smelling. Some people smell information, some people smell or have certain smells that they identify with certain meanings. And when they get that smell, it means a certain thing. Some people can smell disease in the body. They can smell it physically or they smell it psychically and that helps them to determine what they need to do, where they need to go. It gives them information.


Summary Of How Healers Receive Information

So all of these ways of receiving information are possible. Sometimes you receive that more than one. Sometimes you have one steady way that you receive information.


What did I cover?

  • Auditory information
  • Visual information
  • Visceral information
  • Intuitive information
  • Information that comes through smell.


All of this is possible and is happening for a lot of us. It’s a matter of breaking it down, thinking about it and paying attention to how we receive information and then honoring it — honoring information saying, thank you for coming through. Thank you for giving me that info. Thank you for helping me to understand what to do with this. That’s an important thing that you should know about communicating with your guidance, communicating with the ways that you’re receiving information, communicating with your own higher self. Offering gratitude and saying thank you for giving me this information. Thank you for showing me what to do with this information.


I hope that is helpful. These are all ways that I receive information sometimes one more than others. And I would love to hear from you. I’d love to hear what ways you receive information. So go ahead and leave a comment below and let me know.


Have a beautiful, beautiful day.


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