You can use a little more energy, right? Or do you have enough? Enough time, enough money, enough love, enough energy to get through your day? If you do, if you find you have the perfect amount of energy each day then stop reading here because you have everything you need. If, like me, you are looking for a few ideas on how to gain more energy then read on!

1. Set your intention the night before, and just before you go to bed, telling yourself you will rest well and deeply, and wake up refreshed (insert happy, or whatever feeling you want to feel) and full of energy. Your whole being responds when you make requests ahead of time, and particularly before bed. It’s helpful to end the evening in preparation, and intentionally for the next day.

2.Decide how you want to feel. Joyful, peaceful, exuberant, rambunctious, curious, sexy, luscious, full, supported. Take a moment right now and decide how you want to feel. You aren’t victim to our feelings, you aren’t beholden to emotions just because they flow through you. You are very much involved in manifesting your feelings. By deciding how you want to feel, you can begin to bring them into your reality everyday. This will naturally give you more energy because chances are, you aren’t going to have sad, disappointed, jealous and resentful on your list.

3. Ask for help. Ask your friends, your family, and whomever you pray to, for help. And then ALLOW it in. Doing too much, taking too much on and saying no when people try to help us is a huge example of how you lose energy. When you try to do it all yourself, you’re expending more than you have to. And remember, people love to help. Some folks are waiting for an opportunity to be of service. Go ahead and take a load off and say yes to help. If you are programmed to take care of everything all the time, this could take some practice but trust me, you will get use to it!

4. Anchor yourself into the earth. Everyday. Right now. As often as you remember. Put a note into your phone, make yourself remember. Stop. Deep breath. Exhale down through your body and out through your feet, into the earth. Intend to open the bottom of your feet. This allows you to access the earth, and the earth to access you. When that happens, you let the steam out and naturally increase your life force resource.

5. Call your power back. It’s surprising how often you give your power away. You do it when we are afraid, you do it to save time, you do it when we are unsure, and you do it without even noticing. Next time you’re frazzled, just stop for a moment. Pause for a second and ask yourself, am I in my power or am I giving it away? Then invite it back. Simple as that. Your whole being wants to thrive, your energy wants to be with you and not all over the place. Give it an invitation to return.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much energy you will gain by doing these 5 simple things. Heck, just try one or two and you will notice a shift. We are deserve to have more energy, we just need a few suggestions on how to make that happen! 




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