A woman recently asked me about absentee Reiki sessions. I wrote this to describe how absentee treatments “work”. In a world where Reiki is becoming ever common and internationally recognized, practitioners continue to offer simple descriptions for a practice that often transcends the mind. I look forward to hearing how others describe absentee sessions.

The practice of Reiki, for oneself and for others, calls the body/mind back to it’s original state of wellness.

Reiki aids the body in circulating it’s own energy, increasing blood flow and encouraging organs to function optimally. It encourages the mind to become quiet, and increases a person’s ability to be present and mindful. When the mind and body are allowed the opportunity to become quiet and circulate their own energy, the relaxation response occurs. This is a state where nerves, tissues, cells and organs can easily regenerate themselves. Reiki promotes the relaxation response.

Reiki can be experienced in person or absentee (at a distance). Human beings, despite their idea that they are separate from one another, are all connected and therefore can easily communicate from a distance. Just as we can see one another on FaceTime or Skype, hear one another on the phone, we are able to perform absentee sessions of Reiki. Absentee Reiki sessions are held at an agreed upon time, and the practitioner quiets their mind as they would when offering a treatment in person. During an absentee treatment:
* The recipient sits or lies down quietly.
* They may or may not fall asleep. Either is fine as the energy will continue to flow.
* The practitioner sees the recipient as if they were directly in front of them. Their hands focus on one area of the body at a time.
* The hands are sensors and will encourage the energy flow in any particular area. The practitioner will receive information from their hands as to how long they may need to treat a certain area.
* At the end of the session, the practitioner removes their hands and the recipient’s body will continue to move its energy as it sees necessary.
* Treatment sessions are available for people of all ages, including babies and children. It’s common to treat small ones while they are asleep, as that is the time that they are most likely still.
* One does not need to believe in the practice of Reiki, in order for it to work. Reiki is a lot like the breath, which flows in and out automatically, and doesn’t require your believe in it, in order for it to flow.

Reiki recipients receive relief from

→ chronic and acute pain

→ fear, anxiety, restless mind

→ addiction

→ pain and complications associated with surgery

~ When I offer absentee treatments, I speak with clients before and after, and ask them to share how they are feeling. I also encourage folks to contact me in between treatments, as often the affects of the sessions are felt after, and in between, the actual session.

~ I have a friend with an 8 month old baby. She often is teething or experiencing gas and her mom will ask me to do a session for her. Each time, the child quiets and is soothed as the symptoms are relieved fairly quickly. This family is in PA, and I typically receive a text message letting me know that the baby has settled and her pain is relived. Children are very close to their natural state of wellness and can balance their bodies with very little assistance.

I have so many stories and experiences with absentee Reiki treatments. If you are interested in scheduling, I would be happy to work with you. If you are interested in visiting me in eastern Massachusetts for an in person treatment, I have day and evening appointments available. If you are interested in learning Jikiden Reiki, please contact me for the next available dates.

May you be well,


Jikiden Reiki


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