I’m excited to share something new with you! After many years of facilitating deep healing, I’ve been guided to develop and share a Sacred Listening Method to help you to see, feel, sense and experience an expansion in consciousness that leads you to connect deeply with your soul. Through this method, you can experience freedom to heal outside the limits of mainstream concepts and step into soul sovereignty and make a bigger impact in the world.


Activate is the first video in a series that is all about the Sacred Listening Method I developed. This method will grant you access to the information you need to transform your consciousness. Your heart and mind will expand so that you can heal yourself, transform your potential and possibility, and really be available to help yourself, help your family, your community, and the planet so that you can make a bigger impact in the world. 


So let’s get started…


A lot of times I hear people say “I want to be guided”, “I want to be in touch with my intuition”, “I want my guides to talk to me” and I have to respond to that by saying OK, you want to be guided but what do you want to be guided toward? What do you want guidance about? Because the idea of being guided sounds great but really if you’re asking for something, you need to be more specific about what you’re asking for so that you can give the universe (your guidance, your guides, your soul, whatever it is you’re referring to) a target so it can actually deliver. So you can actually receive guidance around something, around a goal that you have. 


Over the next several videos I’m going to be sharing with you a few different key components of the sacred listening method that I’ve developed and it’ll help you shift your consciousness, elevate or expand your heart so that you can receive more. It will help you to heal on deep levels and transform your being. It will help you to make a bigger impact on the planet because when you’re fully guided and you are open to the information and the support and the energetic alignment that’s available, you can make a bigger difference in the world. 


Today is about activation. It’s about choosing what you want and activating it. When you decide what you want in the world – whether it’s a job, a relationship, a new house, a new outfit, to find a spiritual teacher…when you choose what you want and you cling to it, what you are saying is “this is what I want”.  Then you can begin to draw the ingredients, draw the clues, draw the information, draw the pieces that are necessary for you to actually have what it is that you want. 


So the first step in activating your guidance is to choose what you want. Choose a goal and write it down, send a message that says “this is what I want” and stake claim to it. When you choose a goal you don’t have to be super specific. When you have an idea of what it is you want or what you want to feel like when you have what you want, that’s enough to activate a chain reaction so that you start to receive information and things start moving forward in a way that helps you to get what you want. You need to stake a claim to it, put a stake in the ground for it. 


Some people will say “well if I say what I want then I might be leaving out the possibilities that the universe, the spirit, the creator has for me” and I say that’s not exactly true. When you say what you want, you give permission for energy to start coming toward you that moves you toward what you want. If for whatever reason you are supposed to have something better, then that will intervene itself. You don’t need to micromanage how you get what you want. You just need to stake claim to it. So say what you want and then write it down and begin to envision it. Begin to be in a relationship with what it is that you want. When you are in a relationship with what it is that you want, you can begin to hear and receive information that will help you get there. That’s the first thing.  


It’s super easy! You can pull out a pen, pull out your phone and write down “I want to live in a house on 4 acres of land where I’m living by a stream and I have animals around me and I feel good where I’m living”,  “I want to create a business where I am supporting humans to change their eating habits and I bring in this much money per year”,  you can write something that describes your personal life and your business – whatever you want is what you can write down or what you can stake claim to. So write it down and allow the details to come in later. You don’t need to be really detailed about this. When you write this down you are giving the powers-that-be, including your own soul, a target and once there’s a target that has been established, then the forces-that-be can start to deliver on your target.  So choose what you want and activate it by being in a relationship with it. Look at that piece of paper each day or that note in your phone and see yourself having what it is that you want. That’s the first thing. 


The second thing is –  decide how you want to feel. Choose how you want to feel and stake claim with how you want to feel. “I want to feel passionate”,  “I want to feel invigorated”,  “I want to feel loved”…the list goes on and on and on. However you want to feel, decide how you want to feel and include that in your vision. Activate that. We are not often told to choose how we want to feel. We talk about our feelings as something that comes up when we really don’t have control over them, it’s something that we work through and we manage. We actually get to choose how we want to feel. We can have all of our natural feelings come up – sadness, disappointment, grief, etc. We can have all these experiences and we can also say to the larger picture “I want to feel on fire for life”, and when you stake claim to how you want to feel you can start to embody it. 


Those are the two things that you can do to activate information and guidance that you would like to receive. Choose what you want as a goal. Choose how you want to feel. Look at it and be in a relationship with it.  And watch how the ingredients to make that happen, the clues will start to show up for you once you stake claim in the ground for what it is you want. That is how you activate more guidance in your life. So if you need help with that, I’ve created a meditation that you can listen to that can help you to activate what you want. 




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