Last week was about activation and this week we’re moving into alignment. I’m sharing parts of my Sacred Listening Method with you. I created this method to help you open to receive wisdom and healing from your own soul, from your guidance and from your true knowing, so that you can expand and shift your consciousness to make a bigger impact in the world. There’s so much available to you, and through the Sacred Listening Method, you can create a pathway in your brain, heart, and your being so that information can come to you and it can be easy. We have so much more available to us now than we ever have before, and this method will help you to access information and create an opening for transformative healing to occur.


When we activate what it is we want in the world, we put a stake in the ground to give spirit a target so that we can have what we want, get clues to what it is we need to do, and find information we need to create freedom in our lives and elevate the world.


Alignment is all about having the place for the answers to reach you. If you ask for information and want it to come through to you, you need to have a place to receive it. You need to have a place for it to land.


I want to give you a really super easy practice, something that you can do and incorporate into your life right away so that you can begin to align and have a place for answers to reach you.


I believe that our soul and our spirit is always trying to reach us. We are often too busy or too conflicted to really receive the information that’s available. And so, when we create a little space (physically create a little space) in our lives and in our homes to receive information, we can align with information that wants to come through.


All you need to do to begin to align and create a space for information to come through for you, is to find a spot in your house that you can designate as a space for you to receive. It could be a cushion on your floor, it could be a seat that you put in a particular spot, it could be a seat that you already have set up, although you want to make sure that you designate this as separate from a place where you go to sleep or separate from a place where you eat so that you begin to create a relationship with your soul.


So find a spot. I have a back jack which is like a cushioned floor seat that you find in yoga studios -It sits on the ground. This is the space I go to meditate, to work with my soul, get information for new programs I’m creating, and so much more. There’s an energy in that space and I go there for specific purposes. I don’t eat my lunch sitting in that space. I don’t read books in that space. It’s specifically for meditation, sacred activities and sacred listening. So find a spot that you can create or if you want to get fancy and buy something new, go for it. You don’t need to spend money on this. Simply find a spot that you can spend five minutes a day in for the next week. So let’s say you choose 10:00 AM in the morning or 9:00 AM in the morning, or three o’clock in the morning, it doesn’t really matter. Choose a time where you can sit in that spot for five minutes.


It sounds easy in theory but getting into the practice of doing this can take a little configuring. The reason is because we don’t always prioritize ourselves. We prioritize all different stuff. And we don’t prioritize creating space to align with spirit.


I promise you, and I don’t promise very often, that if you do this, you will experience an opening and feel an alignment with your soul and the sacred forces that are trying to reach you.


So you’re gonna find a spot, find a chair to sit in five minutes a day, same time of day for the next week. Sit there. You can do anything you want. You can draw, you can sing, you can listen to music, you can stretch, anything you want for five minutes. Put a timer on. I know when I first started to meditate, five minutes was long, almost excruciating. I really needed to commit to it, but it got easier as time went on.


So expect there to be a little bit of discomfort. That’s fine. If you’re willing to move through the discomfort, there’s an alignment with information that’s going to be the reward at the end of the process. Now, if you were up for it, I would add while you’re there, at some point during the five minutes, to open up your palms and say thank you to your soul for giving you information. Say thank you to the sacred forces for moving through you. And it’s super simple. You just breathe, put your palms up and say thank you. Thank you for moving through me. Thank you, sacred forces. Thank you, sacred wisdom.


You may have some immediate information that comes through, but chances are more likely that energy begins to percolate in and around you. Sacred listening is about creating a relationship that you’re able to cultivate and have for the rest of your life. So five minutes is all you need. Get started with this and you’ll be ready for what I share next week!


That’s it for today, aligning with the information that wants to come through and being in the process of Sacred Listening. Let me know how it goes and I’ll see you next week when I’ll give you a practice that opens up your conduit so that you can further receive information from your soul and your own sacred forces.


This is the second video of the sacred listening series, if you missed the first episode, please click here.




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