Two of the things I learned early, in regard to energy and the invisible realms, is that not everything is as it first appears… and…energy is not good or bad, it’s unbiased and we as humans decide how we work with it. With that being said, I’ve learned to look at energy from a more neutral perspective and it’s helped me stand strong and solid as I facilitate healing on deep levels. Let me explain…


There are beautiful energies that exist in this world – ones that enhance us, enliven us and bring us expansive joy. There are less beautiful energies that also exist – ones that twist us, weigh us down and cause us incredible amounts of struggle and pain. Then there are energies that fall in between. Energy expresses itself on a spectrum. There’s no one right or wrong, there’s no absolutely positive or negative. There’s a little bit of each in the other. If you have seen a picture of the yin and yang symbol from Asian practices, you’ve gotten a glimpse of what this means.  


On my path as a shamanic healer, I’ve encountered a variety of energies that influence humans – some from the present, the past and some from our ancestral roots. My work is to welcome power and balance. So I need to have a neutral stance when it comes to energy. I’ve learned that healing doesn’t mean embracing the good (also known as the “light”) and rejecting the bad (also known as the “dark”). I have found it’s simply about energetic navigation -determining what’s beneficial or harmful in any situation and taking action that best suits each occasion. 


A lot of people ask me about dark energies and how to deal with them. I’ve learned how to effectively and efficiently navigate all types of energy and this is something that you can learn, too. In fact, when you begin to tap into deeper guidance and assume a more neutral stance, it becomes a lot easier to not only support others in healing but to understand how to negotiate the energies moving through human consciousness and on the planet right now. You don’t need to be a shamanic healer to effectively work with energy. You just need to have clear communication with your own team of guides and be committed to returning to a neutral place in yourself. 


I’ll be offering instruction on working with energy in this way, in my Accelerate Program that starts in July. If you’re a healing arts person, energy worker or holistic professional, this is for you. I’ve got time to talk with you to share more about the amazing circle that’s forming for this sacred training of healers.


Grab a spot on my calendar and let’s chat:


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