A while back, I shared a podcast episode that I did called Intuit on the Radikal Life podcast. I’m excited again to share that the Radikal Life: The Manual for Optimal Being-ness is now available. This is a project that I worked on with my friend and collaborators, co-creators in the healing space.  There are 14 key components/modules. I am the leader for the module, Intuit where you’ll receive practical tools to help increase and empower your intuitive abilities. Learn more about Intuit and all of the modules here.




If this is something that you’re interested in, hop on it now and get discounted launch pricing available through November 15, 2022. Use my affiliate link here: https://modules.radikal.life/?affiliate=LWKhd3


Who is Radikal Life: The manual for optimal being-ness designed to serve?
The manual for optimal being-ness is ideal for people who have done some healing work already, either on their own, with a healer, or with a therapist, who are pretty well grounded and feeling stable, but really want to grow into their next iteration of themselves. We’ve found that most people have areas of support and skill building that they still want to cultivate. Our Connect Module leader has described this as progressing from functional to fabulous!”


What is Radikal Life: The Manual for Optimal Being-ness?
Radikal Life: The manual for optimal being-ness is a collaboration of leaders in wholeness and wellness coming together to deliver content in a virtual platform related to cultivating optimal beingness.


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