Let’s face it, the world has never had a deeper need for heart-centered healing. If you’ve been called to serve during this great turning on our planet, you probably recognize there’s never going to be a better moment than now. With an increase in tension among the people, the physical effects of a major virus in our bodies and past and current trauma wreaking havoc on people’s nervous systems, now is your time to step in. We need all hands on deck and all hearts on duty for healing and expansion to take us to the next level in our evolution. The people and the planet are moving at an accelerated pace and they’re craving your support. They’re truly ready. And you should be, too!


Here is your invitation to join me for this two-week training and activation where I’ll share all you need to be empowered as a healer.



Activate Your Light is a free Training for Healers, Energy Workers and Holistic Practitioners ready to step up and serve with their gifts. Learn more about it here. How are you currently serving with your gifts, please share below.


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