Do you ever find yourself picking up on stuff that isn’t yours? Sometimes you might experience emotion that belongs to other people, sometimes there’s a certain energetic residue in or around a house and you feel it. Or maybe you might just get an icky feeling and you don’t know what it’s about. If you’re human, you’ve probably experienced this once or twice. If you’re actively empathic, you probably experience this more often. And if you’re super sensitive, you might feel it on the regular. 


When this happens, your body, heart and personal space can get hazy, you can feel drained or even confused as to what the heck is happening. If something like this takes place all the time, you can start to lose energy, become exhausted and experience a general sense of unwellness. The origin of energy drains isn’t always obvious. They can come from people, places and spaces we encounter occasionally or on a regular basis. They can also come from something in or around the land you live on. It’s not always easy to tell, it can take some time to figure out the source of an energy drain. 


This is something I’ve experienced and many healers and energy workers are sensitive to it.  I’ve been working with energy for over 20 years now and I have always taught what I learned from my shamanic teachers – ground, center and shield yourself so you can hold steady no matter what. After so much time doing and teaching this practice, I’ve gotten deeper insight around why we pick up on stuff that isn’t ours and my guidance has given me clear instructions on something else we can do to stop feeling what we don’t need to feel and come back into our core in a new way. It’s a game changer and it helps you to have more energy, instantly. 


I’m going to be teaching this in my new live online workshop, Sacred Listening: A Shamanic Approach to Healing on Wednesday, May 25, 7-9pm EST.  I hope you can get in on this live – there’s always an energy transmission in these workshops. Recording will be available if you’re not able to tune in with me at that time.


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