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AWAKEN: Spiritual Tools for These Times

August 25 – September 28

It’s time to walk a new way on the earth. You know it, you feel it and you’re aware of the huge global energy shift. You want to be ready for what comes next and you’d like to transmute the old as you walk into the new…..

I’ve been preparing for this shift for a long time. I’ve created a program that’s loaded with new tools for these times. I’ll show you how to shift gears and establish effective protocols for working with the new energy so you’re rooted in what’s real and able to tap into the sacred forces all around you. 

In shamanic practice, the spirits of healing give us the birds-eye view so we see beyond this reality in order to restore power to people and the planet. I’ve been working closely with my own spirits and sacred helpers to receive their guidance on how we can revitalize ourselves to activate our light in this world.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this LIVE online workshop:

Module 1 ~ Align:

  • You’ll learn simple tools to open a portal to spirit so you receive the answers you want and need to navigate the uncertainty of these times

Module 2 ~ Cultivate:

  • Discover the importance of strengthening your spiritual and energetic immune system so you stay rooted in what’s real

Module 3 ~ Eliminate:

  • Purge unwanted energy in your auric field, home space and on the land where you live. You’ll learn a process for energetic clearings to dislodge energy as needed.

Module 4 ~ Retrieve:

  • Navigate where you’ve lost power and bring it back through a simple and effective power retrieval technique. Differentiate what’s yours and what isn’t.

Module 5 ~ Transmute:

  • Identify personal and collective grief so you can honor and release it and move into the next phase of (y)our evolution.

Module 6 ~ Accelerate:

  • Develop your ability to move into altered states with ease and unhook from harmful paradigms to receive new information coming through from the invisible realms.
In these unprecedented times, the old ways are unraveling. As we step into this next phase of evolution, you have a choice for how you’ll navigate this territory. In the Awaken course, you’ll learn key concepts and practices that’ll empower and prepare you to be a pillar of strength in this new world.

This will be a LIVE, weekly online class with new practices in each module. As we gather to learn, everything shared in the circle can be instantly implemented into your everyday life. You’ll leave this course knowing how to navigate personal and collective energy in these times. Get ready for a quick shift and expansion as you activate a new reality within and around you.

This is for you if:

✔ You’re a healer, seeker or leader committed to serving others and the planet during and AFTER the current crisis.

✔ You want to make sure you know how to manage the next big wave of energy as we evolve

✔ You want to invest a little and expand a lot.

✔ You’re ready to show up for yourself and learn to navigate what’s coming next.

This ISN’T for you if:

❌ You’ve no call or desire to rise to meet the times.

❌ You’d be perfectly comfy in the old ways of thinking.

❌ Your fear is louder than your personal commitment to showing up for yourself and you’re not ready to take any action.







with an option for two installments

When you enroll for the Awaken Course you’ll be getting:

  ⇛ Six weeks of LIVE training and mentoring (most offerings of this nature are pre-recorded)

⇛ BONUS: you’ll get access to six months of my Sacred Membership for FREE. (normally $277)

⇛ DOUBLE BONUS – my Call Your Power Back (normally $197) And Journey into Spirit (normally $297)  programs are included inside the membership for you!


The total value of this offering is $1,168!


Click here to register and details will be sent to you:

Recordings of all modules will be available. 

Awaken is from August 25 – September 29, 2021 

6:30-8pm EST

Facilitated by Brighid Murphy, soul-centered healer, shamanic practitioner and community leader. Brighid has been working with her sacred helpers, as well as physical teachers for 20+ years. She’s is a mentor and empowerment teacher for the next generation of healers. She’s the creator of Path to Power Programs, The Healers Collective and in-depth shamanic immersions and 1:1 transformational healing experiences. 



** There are no refunds issued for this event. **

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