Awaken Your Medicine

TransformationAL TOOLKIT


If you’re ready to awaken the power within, this is for you.

Inside these masterclasses, you’ll learn tools for healing yourself, manifesting what you want and retrieving lost power so you can ignite your inner fire and live your sacred purpose.  

Enjoy all three of my most popular classes:

Jump in and begin to have more energy, clarity and vision in your day to day life!


In this Shamanic Medicine Masterclass, you’ll learn how to turn dreams into reality, while being grounded in the present. You’ll move out of fear, doubt, worry and confusion and step into a more confident you!

Here’s what you’ll discover when you join us:

> The #1 mistake most people make that stops them from manifesting their vision

> How to become clear, confident & connected to your power with a simple practice

> What you need to do to start tapping into a frequency that will propel you forward rapidly into your dreams, desires, and your soul’s sacred purpose

> The best kept secret that helps my clients make massive transformations in their lives

> A powerful time shifting practice that puts you in touch with the future you should be living so you can call in the energy NOW and step into an abundant new reality



Here’s what you’ll discover in this Masterclass:

  • Common causes of soul loss
  • Symptoms that point toward this type of loss
  • The role soul loss plays in your life and in our world today
  • How dis-ease and exhaustion may be rooted in shamanic illness
  • The #1 sign that you need soul retrieval
  • Two simple steps to kick start your soul recovery journey

Awaken the Healer Within

If you’re here now, trust that you’ve heard the call and are ready to tap into your Sacred Medicine, your innate power to heal. The planet needs YOU to step up and make your own changes so you can be of service to yourself, your family, your community and the world. When you’re on fire for life, you’re in tune with your soul’s medicine. From there, you help the frequency of the earth, the people, animals and plants. It is my strong knowing that we are all here for a sacred purpose and I want to give you all the tools you need to open the way for you to thrive

In this Masterclass:

I’ll teach you the first 3 things you need to do to kickstart your healing process so you feel aligned with your soul and fueled with the power you need, to do what you came here to do! 

You’ll discover when you join us:

+ What you need to STOP doing if you really want to heal

To create a new relationship with what feels broken inside you

+ How to start getting your fears and self doubts to work for you instead of hold you back

+ An effective technique for engaging spirit in your everyday life     

DEEPER transformation

A Special Invitation To Work Together


You want to make strides faster and get in flow so you can finally have the life you want! By working with me as your Spirit Guide, Shamanic Healer and Teacher, I will help you clear out old stuck energy, limiting beliefs and anything standing in the way of you aligning with your power.

Awaken The Medicine 1:1 VIP Session:

  • Heal and integrate old trauma that keeps you stuck

  • Discover concrete steps to tap into spirit for everyday guidance

  • Get clarity on your sacred purpose

  • Open the door to your true life’s vision

  • Learn the specific actions your need to take to get results

  • Guide yourself out of fear and step into the changes you want in your life


This highly transformative session will help you to: 

  • Align your energy and release blocks

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and expand into your purpose

  • Discover your true purpose and deep sense of inner knowing

  • Experience greater easy, joy, and lightness of being

  • Get personal support for your unique journey

  • Learn how to live more authentically

  • Step into a deep state of knowing and self worth


Is your soul saying yes?


One Time Payment of $97 $47

Want the program PLUS a 1:1 Session with me?

Click below for the entire course and a private shamanic healing session

I have worked with a lot of healers and practitioners throughout my life. Few offer the level of depth, support and continuity that Brighid Murphy does. She is clear and grounded with a stunning capacity to venture into the unseen realms of the spirit world.


Artist, Massachusetts

I just completed your Masterclass. I have been guided to let you know how deeply I have been affected by following your technique to actualize what I want. I have a huge fire burning deep in my belly! I have such clarity of mind and a such joyfulness soaring through my heart!!”



Reiki Practitioner, Saskatchewan

I just finished a 21 day meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra about manifesting abundance, and while I learned a lot from them, I feel like I learned more from you in an hour than I did with them in 3 weeks! Thank you for making actualization so clear and accessible.”


LMT, Massachusetts


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