Brighid from 10 Years Ago….

If you would've asked me 10 years ago, what I would be doing today, I wouldn't have been able to fully and completely answer you. Not because I wasn't sure (my mission from the forces that be has been crystal clear since I was about 17), it's just that the way it...

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Back to Center – Free Sacred Meditation

Here's a gift for you this week. I created this guided meditation to bring you back to the center by :  Opening your healing conduit  Moving energy through your hands  Directing it to yourself and those you love It’s that simple - a practice you can do that will...

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Are you ready to Activate Your Light?

Let’s face it, the world has never had a deeper need for heart-centered healing. If you’ve been called to serve during this great turning on our planet, you probably recognize there’s never going to be a better moment than now. With an increase in tension among the...

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Expanding Your Frequency – Part Three

In previous posts, I discussed what it means to expand your frequency and the benefits of expanding your frequency. I know your next question is probably, well Brighid, now that I know the value of expanding my frequency, how do I actually do it? And you're in luck,...

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Healing and Feeling

Let's talk openly and honestly here for a minute. I know there is so much happening for so many of us right now. It has been a time of tumult. Our worlds have been turned upside-down. We are experiencing layers upon layers of trauma, grief, personal loss, and...

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Expanding Your Frequency – Part Two

The previous post explains what it means to expand your frequency. This week I'm back to talk about the benefits of expanding your frequency. Benefits of Expanding Your Frequency Feel more connected to the source Embrace your heart & your emotions can flow Get...

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Expanding Your Frequency – Part One

As we continue to evolve in this wild world of ours, I want to visit the idea of Expanding your Frequency. I often hear folks talking about “high vibe” and “low vibe” and those concepts are actually counterproductive to our evolution.   Check out this short video...

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Taking on Other People’s Pain: Part Two

If you missed part one of this series, catch it here. Once you've learned how to recognize when you are taking on other's people's pain, know that there is something that you can do about. I share that here: What to do when you are taking on other people's pain...

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Taking On Other People’s Pain: Part One

Recently I shared this video on my social media, if you're not following me on social media, head on over to my page, Brighid Murphy and hit the like button so you don't miss these free trainings when I share them. This is part one in a video series on taking on...

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