True Knowing Meditation

I like working with my singing bowl and I wanted to invite you this week to join me in a sound meditation. This guided meditation is about connecting with your true knowing. Come sit with me, bring a candle if you have one, and join me and my singing bowl.   When...

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Core Essence Connection [Guided Meditation]

This is a reminder to stay connected to your spiritual practices. You need to continue to come back to the center again and again. This meditation is an invitation to drop into your core essence so you’re connected to what’s real.

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From Witchcraft to Shamanism [Follow the Woo Podcast]

Here is a new podcast interview with me and Fen Alankus on the Follow the Woo Podcast. In this episode, we talk about my experiences as a child with things like watching Poltergeist at the age of 9 to having a Ouija board at 11. We go waaaay back.   Hear my story...

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Body Into Earth [Guided Meditation]

I was inspired to create a meditation that would also move energy for you. Follow along with this one and you’ll gather energy from your belly and release it into the earth, creating more room for healthy vibrations to fill you. It’s really effortless, all you need to...

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Opening for Something New [Guided Meditation]

I’m often shown many possible futures for us as individuals and for the planet. All of the potentials we could imagine exist whether or not we access them. It’s kind of like the ocean, so many species of being exist down there but we have no clue unless we’re actively...

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Sacred Rhythms Shift Consciousness

I had a recent conversation on Follow the Woo podcast (I’ll share the episode when it drops!) and the host was asking me to talk about the first time I could remember spiritual experiences from my childhood. Their question took me way back to the beginning of my life...

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The Power of Ceremony

We are in a time where our consciousness needs to shift, our individual consciousness and the global consciousness. Today I want to share with you some tips on how you can expand and/or change your consciousness and the power of ceremony.     If this...

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Power in Sound

Several years back, I had to choose a thesis topic for a program I was enrolled in and I chose the topic of Sound Healing. Writing that paper, in and of itself was a healing process! One of the most interesting things I learned when I was researching is that sound...

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