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Healers and Money

I'm in the process of launching the Healers Collective. This mini training topic was on Healers and Money. This is such a HUGE topic! I talk about reasons why healers aren't in a good relationship with money, why they can't sustain themselves with their work and what...

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Shamanic Workshop

I was just a teen when I first got the strong knowing that I was here as part of a big change that was happening on the earth. Had no clue what that meant, I just knew I was going to need to follow what was calling me. So I did. I met my shamanic teachers in my early...

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Sacred Training for Healers

Beautiful People, if you're ready to activate your gifts and take them to the world, the Sacred Training for Healers starts in a week. It's for you if you're a healer, space holder or conduit who knows it's time to play bigger. I've been there and I can honestly tell...

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3 Key Elements of Shamanic Healing Join the Awaken Your Medicine Community for free meditations, activations and trainings:

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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing is an important part of shamanic healing practice. Learn about it's importance and relevance in our world today as well as how you can begin to tap into the energy of your own ancestral lineage. Book a free...

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Shamanic Circle

Looking forward to sharing a Shamanic Circle on the Web of Love tonight. March 26, 2020 We meet 7pm-8pm (EST) We'll: -> Open the space and welcome in the healing spirits -> Drop into connection with spirit through the drum -> Allow spirit to guide us in...

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Some People Don’t Want to Heal?

I hear this one ALOT. People can tend to have all sorts of ideas, judgements and beliefs about who heals, why they heal or don’t heal, how they could heal faster, etc., etc. I’m sure you’ve heard some of this. As someone who holds healing as their life’s work, this is...

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Shamanic Immersion begins in May

I’m offering an advanced Shamanic Training Immersion this year. It’s for you if you have learned shamanic journeywork and want to take your practice and understanding of ceremony to the next level. It's a deep dive into learning how to be a clear conduit for spirit to...

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Communicating with Corona Virus

Shamanic practice is all about relationships. As a shamanic healer, teacher and mentor, I share through this lens. We've got an opportunity for an entirely new approach to our relationship with this virus. Please take your safety precautions and then take your power...

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