Taking on Other People’s Pain: Part Two

If you missed part one of this series, catch it here. Once you've learned how to recognize when you are taking on other's people's pain, know that there is something that you can do about. I share that here: What to do when you are taking on other people's pain...

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Taking On Other People’s Pain: Part One

Recently I shared this video on my social media, if you're not following me on social media, head on over to my page, Brighid Murphy and hit the like button so you don't miss these free trainings when I share them. This is part one in a video series on taking on...

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Opening Your Conduit for Healing Yourself and Others

Hello my Beautiful Friend, I know these times can leave us a bit exhausted or even dehydrated on an energetic level. We’ve got access to an abundance of earth energy that we can tap into as a resource. I’ve created this guided experience to help you find nourishing...

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Boundaries and the Healer

 If you’re drained or resentful, you might need to do this… This is one of those areas you’ll always need to keep a check on. Especially if you’re a helper, healer or giver and you naturally seem to offer time and energy to others. Even the most kind and generous...

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Shine Your Light

I often hear folks saying “shine your light” and today I want to share what that means for me. For many, it’s all about being positive all the time. For me, that’s not at all what it means. As a matter of fact, constant positivity can be toxic as it has us thinking we...

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3 Simple Things – Start with Clarity

How are you managing what's happening in the world right now? Watch this video with 3 simple things that I share that can help you to get through this moment. Plus, I offer a free meditation that bring you home back to your heart. Listen until the end....

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Healers and Money

I'm in the process of launching the Healers Collective. This mini training topic was on Healers and Money. This is such a HUGE topic! I talk about reasons why healers aren't in a good relationship with money, why they can't sustain themselves with their work and what...

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Shamanic Medicine Workshop

I was just a teen when I first got the strong knowing that I was here as part of a big change that was happening on the earth. Had no clue what that meant, I just knew I was going to need to follow what was calling me. So I did. I met my shamanic teachers in my early...

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The Healers Collective

Calling all Healing Arts Practitioners! If it's time to take your work to the world, come join us in The Healers Collective! Click to learn more.  

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Sacred Training for Healers

Beautiful People, if you're ready to activate your gifts and take them to the world, the Sacred Training for Healers starts in a week. It's for you if you're a healer, space holder or conduit who knows it's time to play bigger. I've been there and I can honestly tell...

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