When Healing Happens

As I move along the healing path, I’ve learned that healing happens at many times - when don’t expect it, when we need it most or don’t even realize it’s about to happen. In my experience, healing happens when we’ve created space for something new to occur. As a...

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Energy, Healing, and Boundaries

I wanted to share with you an experience from my earlier years. It taught me a lot about energy, healing, and boundaries, all at the same time.   I’ve always been a super sensitive being. When I was little, I was energetic, exuberant, and emotional. I didn’t...

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Radiate the Breath

Working with life force energy and light, we open and soften places and spaces inside of us to encourage energy to move through us. One of the gifts we can offer this planet of ours is to open our hearts. Since our hearts are undeniably connected with the hearts of...

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Enhance Your Intuition

I recently shared this insight on my YouTube channel and within my free online community, Awaken Your Medicine. If you're not a member, I'll leave the links below for you to subscribe and join, respectively. It's about intuition and how you can enhance your intuitive...

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Center and Breath

Sometimes we try to get super fancy with ourselves. We want to have some sort of divine, expansive experience during our meditations and if we don’t, we can think we’re not doing it right. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Simple exercises, done regularly, will...

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Self Healing and Shamanic Practices with Cal Melkez

Cal Melkez and I get into so much in this conversation on the Astral Mind Podcast. We talk about mentors/teachers, contemporary vs traditional shamanism, how to start a shamanic practice, the effects of using the drums, journeying, energy fields, coming back to...

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Managing Your Perceived Risks and Safety

If you missed this conversation on managing your perceived risks with one of my Healers Collective members, JWow, please watch the replay. How do you manage your perceived risk(s)? How does playing safe keep you from reaching your highest potential? How are you...

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Healing Forces Meditation

As a healer, you probably know there’s a lot in this world that needs holding. You’re often holding energy for not only yourself but your community and the planet. Sometimes, you probably need a reminder to allow some help in, or better yet, to hand off some of the...

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