If you’re drained or resentful, you might need to do this…

This is one of those areas you’ll always need to keep a check on. Especially if you’re a helper, healer or giver and you naturally seem to offer time and energy to others. Even the most kind and generous folks can fall into an unhealthy relationship with the giving. In this clip, I’ll share signs to watch out for as well as what you can do to stay in a healthy relationship with your time and energy. 


Signs you need to revamp your boundaries:

  • You aren’t receiving support for yourself
  • You feel drained, resentful, exhausted or unappreciated
  • People always ask for you for things you don’t want to do
  • You feel guilty for saying no 
  • You feel burnt and can’t prioritize yourself
  • You feel like if you don’t help them, no one else will 


How to shift to healthy boundaries

  • Find the edges of your energy field and draw them toward you
  • Make a new agreement to have healthy people in your life 
  • Start rooting into the earth and filtering out what you don’t need

Sharing this bonus meditation to help you to Ground, Center, and Shine.  https://soundcloud.com/brighidmurphy/path-to-power-ground-center-shine/s-Siouj?in=brighidmurphy/sets/path-to-power-new-playlist/s-n1FWg


After you complete the meditation, come back and leave a comment and tell me what you’re feeling.


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