Call Your Power Back

with Brighid Murphy



Do you ever feel like you’re blocked or stuck? Like there’s something missing but you just can’t put your finger on exactly what it is?  You know instinctively that you would have so much more energy to make a difference if you could just determine what’s going on within you.


In this Shamanic Medicine Online Class, “Call Your Power Back” I teach you the secrets of how and why power leaves you during times of stress or traumatic events.  From a shamanic perspective, there are specific events that can pull your energy from you, leaving you prone to depression, dis-ease or exhaustion. In my program, Call Your Power Back, you will discover exactly where in your life you may have lost power and learn an effective technique for retrieving your power, & preventing it from leaving you in the future so this never ever happens again. I am excited to work with you!



Shamanic Healer, Teacher, Guide & Mentor

Free yourself

You are ready to retrieve your power if…

You want to feel lighter and have more energy for your life!

You’re on a healing path and trying to focus on the positive, but can’t seem to figure out why everything is such a struggle.

In your gut, you know if you can feel more alive, you’ll be able to live with true joy and get on with your sacred purpose.


When you have full access to your power: you feel better, your energy is clear and you make solid decisions.

Your ability to access your inner fire and live your soul’s sacred purpose increase when you call back parts of you that have been missing.

Awaken Your Medicine

If you’re here now, trust that you’ve heard the call and are ready to tap into your Sacred Medicine, your innate power to heal. The planet needs YOU to step up and make your own changes so you can be of service to yourself, your family, your community and the collective. When you’re on fire for life, you are in tune with your soul’s medicine. From there, you help the frequency of the earth and all the people and animals and plants to balance out. It is my strong knowing that we are all here for a sacred purpose and I want to give you all the tools you need to open the way for you to thrive so we can all thrive. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

+ How to understand why you lose power 

+ What causes you to lose energy

+ The symptoms of power loss

+ What you need to do to manage your energy

+ Psychic Protection

+ How to track power loss in your life

+ An effective protocol for retrieving power


I have worked with a lot of healers and practitioners throughout my life. Few offer the level of depth, support and continuity that Brighid Murphy does. She has lovingly and firmly guided me through the murky waters of change. She is clear and grounded with a stunning capacity to venture into the unseen realms of the spirit world.


Artist, Massachusetts

There was a spiritual, molecular shift that happened for me. I was finally able to see at the core of what my issues were and make a huge shift. The first shamanic session was completely mind blowing. Each session with Brighid brought me something I really needed in my life!


Photographer, Pennsylvania

“I finished the Call Back Your Power program and loved it.  I felt that this program had a lot of “meat and heft.”  There was a lot of useful information and I definitely felt I got my money’s worth, which I’m happy about.  I feel that there are a lot of programs out there for this amount of money ($97 or $197) that are not that substantial, quite frankly.  So to discover the bounty of information in this program was quite a treat!  Thank you so much.”


Why You Need This Program

The Call Your Power Back will completely transform your life


Symptoms and Causes

Eliminate energy drains in your life

Find a solution to feeling better 

Stop trying to figure out what’s wrong


Manage your Energy

Remove yourself from toxic situations  Learn when and how to shield yourself Make healthier choices & stay balanced

Power Retrieval

Live more authentically

Align with your souls purpose

Reveal your true confidence  


The transformation

A Special Invitation To Work Together


You want to make strides faster and get in flow so you can finally have the life you want! By working with me as your Spirit Guide, Shamanic Healer and Teacher, I will help you clear out old stuck energy, limiting beliefs and anything standing in the way of you aligning with your power.

Call Your Power Back 1:1 VIP Session:

  • Heal and integrate old trauma that keeps you stuck

  • Discover concrete steps to tap into spirit for everyday guidance

  • Get complete clarity on your sacred purpose

  • Open the door completely to your true life’s vision

  • Learn the specific actions your need to take to get results

  • Guide yourself out of fear and step into the changes you want in your life



This highly transformative session will help you to 

  • Align your energy and release blocks

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and expand into your purpose

  • Discover your true purpose and deep sense of inner knowing

  • Experience greater ease, joy, and lightness of being

  • Get personal support for your unique journey

  • Learn how to live more authentically

  • Step into a deep state of knowing and self worth


Is your soul saying yes?


One Time Payment of $197 $47

Want the program + a 1:1 Session with me?

Upgrade during checkout for the entire course PLUS a private shamanic healing session $247


You are worth iT

Align with your soul

In creating this massive shift and getting clarity on your sacred purpose, a door opens to show you a vision of the life that is meant for you. By healing old trauma that used to keep you stuck in defeating patterns, you are free to cultivate a life based on the alignment of your true self. 

Through the Shamanic Practices I teach, you learn exactly how to access your own guidance, so you always make the right choices for yourself.

Your life instantly becomes easier, as you feel the expansion and support of Spirit guiding you in your daily life.  From this place of power, it is easy to call in your desires and make them your new reality. As your stress level decreases,  you expand into a  place of confident knowing about how to make a connection with the unseen forces of help, so you can consistently manifest everything your heart desires with ease, joy, and flow. Life becomes a playground for your creations, and you delight in the process of turning ideas into reality in a way that feels effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you are truly ready for change to occur in your life and you’d like the help of spirit to create that change.  It’s for you if you want to ignite the fire inside of you and are ready to put your love, your heart and your commitment into YOU!

This program is NOT for you if you are on the fence about healing or if you don’t have a strong desire to live in joy and freedom. It’s also not for you if your fear of the unknown is so strong that you are talking yourself out of receiving help. *If that’s the case, we can revisit working together in the future.

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to gain more energy, for the fog to clear and to feel lighter, on purpose and supported by spirit. You can expect to gain the birds eye view that spirit lends us when we do this work together. You’ll feel like you always know what to do to get answers, and to be in your power. You can expect to stop feeling as “if” your dreams might be possible and start to truly trust that what you want is already on it’s way. You will become a sacred fire tender for your own soul.

“What I learned through Brighid has helped me to talk directly to my spirit guides. I asked them what path I should take for my new business and I was surprised and excited to get a step by step instruction list for how to move forward. Before working with Brighid, I lacked clarity and I would never know what to do. Everything’s changed because now I know who to go to when I need to access my help.”


Reiki Practitioner

I have been doing healing for the last 10 years. I didn’t realize it was possible to have such a clear and direct relationship with my spirit guides. After working with Brighid to learn the journeying, I can see and hear specific information that helps me, my clients and friends. A huge bonus is that I can now receive healing for myself, too. I’m forever grateful that Brighid opened the way for this.

Kelly R

Reiki Teacher and Coach

““I seriously know that  a fundamental change has happened inside of me. I feel calm, not anxious. I feel normal. I feel lighter, completely in control and I am sleeping much better. It’s like, “Oh my god!” I feel like those things that used to bother me are ebbing away. I just don’t feel that heavy feeling in my chest anymore. It’s gone & it’s extraordinary. Working with Brighid is exactly what I wanted, needed & hoped for!”


Nurse, CT

Is your soul saying yes?


One Time Payment of $197 $47

Want the program + a 1:1 Session with me?

Upgrade during checkout for the entire course PLUS a private shamanic healing session $247


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