Deep Marks

A bully on the playground. A bad relationship from the past. A major car accident. An early childhood trauma.. What do these all have in common? Well first, we don’t tend to spend a lot of time talking about any of them in a productive way. Second, the people around us aren’t always capable of or skilled at helping us to recuperate after one of these takes place. And third, these are all circumstances that pull our energy from us. Some more than others, and some of these instances leave a “deep mark” on us.


Whenever a deep mark is left, it’s often a result of our being disconnected or pulled away from, our personal power.  We all experience a time or times when our power is pulled away from us. It’s actually pretty normal for most of us. When these instances go on for a long period of time, or when they stack up on one another, is when we might notice something is wrong. Or, like many people, we might notice something is “off” but not really know what to do about it.


Soul Retrieval

As a shamanic healer, I am trained to investigate the sources that drain us of our power, to rearrange the affects they have on us, and to deliver power back where it belongs. One of the ways I do this is through a process that is referred to as soul retrieval. Common responses from my clients are: “I feel like a burden has been lifted.”, “There was an an anguish inside of me, and it left after we did that session.” “ I am more confident.” “ I have my energy back!”


As a result of facilitating this type of healing, I have learned that we can adopt a pro-active approach to maintaining our power. I often speak about how we can make a home for what we want, inside of us; how we can consciously work with our energy so when these power pulling instances happen, we can bounce back faster and regain our energy before we lose too much of it.


When you have access to your power: you make better choices, are more in sync with your happiness, recover faster from trauma, have healthier immune response, accumulate less stress and have an easier time creating strong boundaries with people and situations around you. So how do you start to reclaim your energy, and invite your power back? You have a lot of choices here.


How to Invite Your Power Back


  • First thing is to realize power loss is real, and that it might be affecting you.
  • Second, is make a choice to use your intention to gain it back. A simple thing you can do is take a few breaths and strengthen your energy. There are lots of ways to do this and doing it daily is best. For now, put your roots in the ground, send them down into the earth as you exhale and then light up your heart. Do this a few times. Then imagine or sense the flame that lives there in your heart and grow it taller and wider. Know that this flame will magnify what you want, and will transform what you don’t want. And simply invite your power back to you. Make a statement, out loud, that says, “I am inviting all of my energy, my power, back to me right now.” And then offer a bit of gratitude to your power for returning. Pay attention to areas in your life where you might have lost power in the past, or are prone to lose it in the future. When you become aware of it, repeat this exercise and call your power back.
  • And lastly, ask for help. From the powers that be, from the influences that guide you and from your intuition. There is more help available than you could ever realize!


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Many Blessings,

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