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To heal is to align with the light of who we truly are.  Broken and wounded are old definitions that no longer serve us on our path toward healing. When we take a look at the nature of healing, we discover that the medicine that we are looking for often resides in the dis-ease itself.  Illness becomes a doorway into the light of who we are. What does this mean and how can we transform illness to wellness?

During this workshop, we will develop new relationships with ourselves and begin transmuting what no longer serves us. We’ll honor where we came from and focus on new tools that take us into the future. If you’re interested in your own well being, or are a practitioner who guides others, you will leave this gathering with an illuminated awareness of what is possible.

Become a Sacred Container: Grounding, Center & Illuminating our Core Energy.
Redefine illness & create new agreements with healing.
Incorporate our guides & ancestors in our process.
Experience the influence of the heart & activate it’s healing potentials.
Open to gratitude and it’s role in manifesting wellness.
Explore the concept of receiving & it’s influence on our well being.
Access the future to activate it’s influence now.

$200 after May 15 or at the door

$150 pre-registered with $50 deposit by May 15.
$125 paid in full by May 1st.

Details and Location will be emailed to all registered participants.

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“Calling in the Medicine  was a gentle yet deep experience. The space she created for our group was one of safety and connection. The guided visualizations, accompanied by her drumming allowed me to connect with messages within myself I did not know we’re there. The meaning of one of the messages I received continues to unfold for me. I left feeling very filled with love and self-healing. I called in my own medicine in her class. That was a beautiful experience.”

~ Amy, Educator


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