For a long time, I’d have trouble finding the right words to describe who I am and what I do. It took a while for me to be able to claim the word healer because I know sure and well, I’m only a conduit for healing, I’m not doing it myself. If you’re on a similar life path, you probably resonate with this. So I played with the labels of healing facilitator, holistic professional, healing guide. And then I just settled into the knowing that using the word healer was ok because I know what it means, and anyone who works with me will quickly realize what it is I do so why get hung up on words. (More recently, I’ve been using the word sacred mentor but that’s another blog, I think!)

I’m not the only one out here doing this work and claiming what we do is really important for these times. So I began to think about the many aspects of this work and the importance of claiming it without claiming the wrong thing. If you, too, are doing the work of helping people to connect with their own healing ability to heal, some of this might feel familiar.

Define Healer

So what does a healer do? They’re someone who doesn’t own any of the healing that takes place but they DO own the truth that they have chosen to step forth in this role in an intentional way. I don’t lay claim for another’s healing but I do willingly own that I’ve set my whole life up to be able to fully commit to this role. That’s something I can and should claim and something that everyone who does this work needs to consider. Instead of or in addition to redirecting the praise to a client or to the universe, how about owning your part in this and recognizing your role in it?

I’m tired of hearing “No, no, I didn’t do anything, I’m just the conduit.” Sure, you’re the conduit but you’re only the conduit because you allow yourself to be. You showed up and said yes. You arrange your life so it’s possible to make yourself available to help others. That’s important. You could’ve denied or refuted this role but you didn’t. You fully show up and allow the powers that be to move through you and that needs to be acknowledged.

Accept Gratitude

As easy as it is to push the praise off of you and onto the healing forces that move through you, how about accepting some of that gratitude for yourself instead of redirecting it elsewhere? When you do, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident in what you bring instead of bypassing your way around fully standing in it. Once that happens, more folks will recognize that you own your role and this is exactly what will pull more of the right people into your field so you can help them.


With love,
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