Sometimes I’m guided to offer meditations and challenges for specific lengths of time. I’ve been inspired to share 7, 10 or 21 days of guided experiences and there’s something powerful about gathering consistently with others, sharing a purpose or practice. Earlier this year, I was guided to share a 7-day meditation and prayer with my local ceremonial community. Part of what we do in that space is to sit with the simple heartbeat of the drum. The drum brings us back to our own hearts and to the heartbeat of the earth. I feel like that simple repetitive sound and vibration can be just the thing to call us into our center. 


So today’s meditation is a simple Centering, with the heartbeat of the drum. I hope it allows you to come back into your heart and feel good as you moving through your day.  



If you enjoyed this guided meditation or are thinking about starting a meditation journey, I invite you to take a look at my 21-Day Sacred Soul Challenge which is an online experience that will help you to tap into the power of sacred meditation so you can heal, transform and embody your intuitive guidance.


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