I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kathy Robinson of the Athena Wellness podcast to discuss connection and creating sacred relationship. In this podcast episode, we discuss:


  • Why connecting with our inner wisdom is so important
  • How to manage our energy and its relationship to personal power
  • How to use ancestral wisdom to heal ourselves
  • How to create sacred relationships with the seen and unseen

Please tune in and let me know your thoughts on this episode and your own experience with connection – connection with your inner knowing, connection with your energy, or connection with your ancestral wisdom. I’d love to hear your stories.


Listen to the episode here:


Episode 137: https://athenawellness.com/the-athena-wellness-podcast/2022/6/19/creating-sacred-relationship-with-brighid-murphy



Then, come back next week for another bonus episode where I share a heart opening meditation with Kathy on her podcast, Athena Warrior Podcast: Reclaiming our Warrior Spirit


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