Sacred Listening:

7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power to Heal 

Sacred Listening Workshop Series

Unlock a window to your soul and get in touch with key information that shifts your consciousness so you can reclaim your power to heal. Healing isn’t one size fits all, it shapes itself according to your soul path. The Sacred Listening Method teaches you how to access the realm of your inner wisdom and find your keys to personal evolution. It’s a unique system that frees you of old patterns and breaks you through to freedom.

In each session of this live, online series, you’ll acquire unique self-healing practices that you’ll carry for the rest of your life. You’ll be empowered to hold a deeper and more solid space for yourself and others. After the process, your consciousness will continue to shift and expand, preparing you for the varied changes you experience as a result of living during these profound earth-turning times.


Activate – March Session Replay
Awaken the seeds of potential and align with sacred forces to guide you

Cultivate – April Session Replay
Establish new agreements with old wounds

Eliminate – July Session Replay
Discover how to cleanse, clear and restore your core energy

Communicate – September Session Replay
Learn to communicate with physical or emotional pain and transform it

Neutralize – October Session Replay
Experience a power retrieval process and neutralize traumatic imprints

Vibrate – November Session Replay
Create your healing sound to move old issues out of you

Integrate – December Session
Incorporate 3 simple healing tools to carry into your everyday life

As you participate in this live workshop, you can ask questions and share your discoveries. 

Join us monthly for each session, starting March 15, 2023, 7PM – 9PM EST and every 3rd Wednesday of each assigned month thereafter.

Register for just $47.

Replays will be available for a limited time after the workshop.

Brighid Murphy is a leading expert in transformational healing, a shamanic practitioner and teacher, and a healing catalyst. She’s been in a relationship with her own sacred helpers, as well as physical teachers for 20+ years. She continues her relationship with her original shamanic teacher, Bekki Shining Bearheart. Brighid is a mentor and empowerment teacher for spiritual seekers and holistic healers. She’s the creator of the Sacred Listening Method, Path to Power Programs, The Healers Collective, in-depth group immersions, and 1:1 transformational healing experiences.

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