We made it into February! This month can be a tough one and a time when I just want to go somewhere for more light. It helps me to know that the light is increasing a few minutes each day. In recognition of the light, I want to share that today is the day that honors the Celtic Goddess Bride (Brighid), known to most as St. Brigid. She was and is well revered among her people. She is responsible for bringing the light back to us and her celebration accompanies the first stirrings of movement under the cold winter earth. I am blessed with her name and always honor her strength and power as the healer and guide that she is.
Today, I want to invite you to a few tips that will help you unfrazzle from the current overwhelming climate. We can be easily swept into despair, and when we are in that place, we hand our power over to someone else. Give a click to this recent video from my Facebook live for a few tips to call you back to your center.

I am going to be offering a 1-Day Intensive on Shamanic Journeying this month in Westford, MA. I don’t offer this version often, as there is soooo much to share and it’s hard to keep it all to just one day. Something tells me that it’s time to call you into the medicine of this work and so here we go!

This one’s for you, if you are:
  • called to the drum
  • interested in shamanic practice
  • want to make a connection with your guides and allies
  • curious as to what it might be to experience a shamanic circle
  • experienced with journeying and want an opportunity to spend the day with us
This one fills quickly! I added a bonus for folks who register in the next few days. You can find all the details here. As always, you are welcome to reply with any questions.
Blessings of the light,

I am going to be live again this week, on Facebook. Join me Friday, February 3 at 12pm noon (EST). If you have a question about healing or shamanic practice that you would like answered, hit “Reply” to this email and send it to me.

Be sure you’re following the Spiritworks Page to get notifications of when I go live. I will see you there!

In absolute love,


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