I want to wish you a sweet and celebratory New Year. On the eve of this next year, I recognize this last year has been one hell of an experience. We moved through another layer of individual and collective trauma from the pandemic and we’re still moving forward. We’re going to be working through the effects of this experience for a while. I feel like it’s important to honor our struggles and losses while at the same time, welcoming in the vision and consciousness of the future we want. I created a Sacred Meditation experience to share with you – it’ll help you to intentionally honor your soul and welcome what you want for this new year. 


You can find it here: 


One tip I have for you, to help you embody what you want in this new year, is to take one of your goals/part of your 2022 vision and spend a little bit of time practicing it on New Years Day. This will help to energetically open the way for what you’re ready to welcome in. Whether it’s a feeling, a state of being or an actual physical item you are calling in, make some time to do something that will affirm that tomorrow.  I have a few things I’lll be practicing and one of them is fire. A simple thing that I want this year is to have a woodstove in my home. So I will spend a little part of the day making a fire and honoring it tomorrow, to bring me closer to the reality I plan to live in. What do you want to embody? What’ll you be practicing tomorrow, to welcome it in for 2022?


With healing and abundance,

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PS.. Be on the lookout for the 21 Day Sacred Meditation Challenge – it’s a live experience and it begins in the New Year!


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