I wanted to share with you an experience from my earlier years. It taught me a lot about energy, healing, and boundaries, all at the same time.


I’ve always been a super sensitive being. When I was little, I was energetic, exuberant, and emotional. I didn’t realize it at the time – as a super sensitive kid, I could easily pick up other people’s feelings and energy and not know how to differentiate between theirs and my own.


As I got older and started to really study energy work and holistic healing, I became even more sensitive to other people. That sensitivity expanded in another direction for me. I was starting to perceive dis-ease, addiction, and imbalances in people I would encounter.


I receive information in several ways – viscerally (where I can feel pain in my body that mimics someone else’s), visually (I can see something inside the body at times), psychically (seeing with my inner eye vs seeing in the physical), and auditorily (hearing information being spoken to me). I was not only having these experiences at the metaphysical shop I worked at but in random places like the grocery store or gas station. I was having these experiences at times where I was not in a helping role and it wasn’t appropriate for me to be talking to random strangers about what I saw happening in their bodies.


I started to wonder… what in the world am I supposed to be doing with this information? As a healer and helper, I know that in order to effectively deliver information so that another human can actually utilize it, I’ve got to have relationships with them. Delivering random info was out of context and isn’t really helpful to the person I was relaying it to.


It’s then that I recognized I wanted to do this differently.


It’s then when I realized I could do this differently, I didn’t need to continue to receive all of this input when I really didn’t require  it. It’s then when I realized I could negotiate with my own soul and the sacred forces so that I stopped experiencing ALL of this and only received what was necessary and beneficial for others and myself. That’s the moment I became aware that I could create a relationship with my own healing and intuitive abilities. Once I realized this, I was able to offer my gifts with folks who were ready and willing to make changes in their lives, vs random strangers who I had no need or desire to approach.


As a result of this experience, I’ve learned about relating to myself and the healing forces in a new way. The shamanic path has shown me so much in the way of creating a sacred way of listening and it’s helped to inform and advance the way I help others. I’m going to be teaching a workshop on this, because I know you, too, might want to enhance or re-shape the way you receive intuitive information for yourself. I’d love for you to join me.


Sacred Listening – A Shamanic Approach to Healing will happen on Wednesday, May 25, 7-9pm EST. There will be a recording available. There’s so much medicine in the live spaces that I would encourage you to join live if you can. You can reserve a spot here!


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