I am beyond excited to tell you that I’m partnering up with my coach Trudi Lebron, @trudilebron and her team as an affiliate for The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching ® which is now accepting applications for the November Cohort.

Trudi and her team created a groundbreaking certification program for the coach or industry leader who wants to:

  • Be invited to the revolution as we reimagine the coaching industry and the way we help people transform their lives.
  • Unlearn harmful business practices and learn equitable power-sharing, decision making, culture building, and strategic planning techniques.
  • Equity Centered CoachingAttract and confidently serve a diverse range of clients that bring various personal, cultural, and racial contexts into coaching sessions.
  • Stop inadvertently replicating the systems of oppression that we’re ALL socialized with and contribute to upholding.
  • Unpack your privilege in safe and private spaces where white friends can unpack whiteness without harming BIPOC.
  • Reclaim the power of your identity and heal the effects and trauma of marginalization in BIPOC-only peace lounges.
  • Be in community with other values-driven and liberatory leaders who are challenging themselves in the same way you are so we can change the world.
  • Build trust and accountability with your audience with a certification that shows them you’re actually doing the work others only talk about.
  • Earn the ONLY certification of its kind and the ONLY certification that comes with Trudi’s seal of approval.


When the Movement for Black Lives took over our hearts and social feeds last summer, Trudi and her team were at the forefront of it all.


And this was not a performative or opportunistic move for Trudi. She has been doing this work for years and has encouraged others to do the same long before we finally saw antiracism and DEI work get the much-needed attention that it finally did.


There is nothing quite like The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching® on the market, so if having a certified inclusive, antiracist, and equitable practice is a priority of yours…


You should really think about clicking here to apply.


Please know that I receive a small commission when you apply and enroll in The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching ®. Please include my name if you decide to enroll. If you know me, I only share support for people I believe in and programs I would invest in myself! I am fully enrolled in the dual certification track of this program. If you have questions, please drop them below and I can share my experience with you.


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