As we continue to evolve in this wild world of ours, I want to visit the idea of Expanding your Frequency. I often hear folks talking about “high vibe” and “low vibe” and those concepts are actually counterproductive to our evolution.


Check out this short video where I share what it means to expand your frequency.


What it Means to Expand Your Frequency

  • When you as a being  (including your heart, body, mind and energy field)  are clear and healthy so you can live your best life
  • You’re stepping out of what holds you back & into support
  • Your daily habits are NOURISHING vs DEPLETING
  • Some people say “high” and “low” – that language encourages duality/binary
  • To move out of duality or binary thinking, we need to get past “high” and “low”
  • Expand past the old into a new awareness

Check back next week for the next video in this series where I talk about the benefits of expanding your frequency. What are you doing to expand your frequency? Please share with me below.


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