Hello, my beautiful friends, I felt really called to say hello and just share some of the things that I’m noticing in us as human beings in the collective and on the planet right now. And I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions for how to work through or manage what’s going on right now.


I know for myself and for many people that I know there’s a lot of upheaval confusion, some depression coming up, some challenging of what we know to be true about ourselves, and some core root stuff that a lot of us thought maybe we dealt with already, coming up so the next layer can be pulled back.


And for whatever reason, there’s probably 15 astrological and cosmological reasons. It’s really brutal right now.


Part of what we see happening is as this new way comes through, we are being asked to really reflect and look at some deep rooted stuff. And in order to get that to happen, sometimes we have to be shown it in ways that are not pleasant. And in addition to that, it’s hard to know what’s real right now.


People are saying and doing things that are out of character for them and the same people who are doing and saying things that are out of character for them are probably experiencing that in other people. So the illusion level is very high. It’s pretty thick and there’s three things that I have found helpful at this time and I just want to pass them along to you.


Ask For Clarity

The first is whenever the stuff is getting thick, whenever you’re feeling like you’re unsure, thank or ask for clarity. Ask for clarity on what’s yours and what isn’t and trust that it’s gonna come. A lot of times I like to offer gratitude for clarity ahead of time.


So I’ll thank my forces and I’ll say thank you for giving me clarity. I’m ready for clarity. Clarity is coming through. That is the first thing and that always helps.


Reach for New Support

The second thing is that it may be time to reach for new support. A new level of support. If you’re a healing arts practitioner, you’re probably chock full of modalities and systems that you use as we kind of get an upgrade on the planet.


It’s important to know that you may need a new modality, a new approach, a new technique than you have before. So reach out for a new level of support, try that new therapy, try that new coaching process, try that new whatever it is because we need a new angle right now.


Pay Attention

And the third thing is be sure that you are paying attention to going where you’re welcome with all of this change that’s happening. There’s a lot of division in the people. I’m hoping that it won’t last forever.


It’s pretty painful for some folks and it’s important to recognize that if doors are closing and folks are not feeling like they resonate with you, remove yourself from those situations and those people and go where you’re welcome, go where your heart feels good and hopefully the rest of the stuff will level out.


I know that’s happening for me right now. Some folks that I thought were my people are turning out to be in this moment, not my people. And I am leaning into the folks who are welcoming me and leaning into folks who feel good to be around and I invite you to do the same thing as we’re walking through this great unknown on the planet.


So that’s what I wanted to share, three things for these times.


Ask for clarity, offer gratitude for clarity, reach out for new types of support and go where you’re welcome, go and be with the people who make your heart happy and who love you.


And with that being said, thank you for tuning in and tapping in for this moment.

I hope that you have a beautiful day and I’ll be back soon.


Bye for now.

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