The holiday portal has opened! I’m not into the consumerism that seems to flood the space at this time of year, although I do love the joy and kindness that goes along with it. I’ll take all that.🤎


So while folks are busy diving In the holiday portal, I’m getting ready to host another round of the Healers Collective that starts in January. It’s for holistic practitioners, energy workers and healers ready to create heart-aligned businesses so they can make a difference In the world AND sustain themselves that way. There is a LOT of stigma around healers and money. Like, a lot, a lot. Judgment, misinterpretation, misunderstanding and to be honest, fear. Many healers are afraid to accept money for their practice. I often remind folks that people aren’t paying for your gift, they’re paying for your time.. and all the time you’ve spent honing that gift. Cause, contrary to popular belief, healing gifts need to be practiced. Learning how to hold a healing space takes practice and that requires time.


So I’m leading a beautiful group of holistic practitioners – from reiki teachers to sound healers to shamanic healers to embodiment specialists to coaches.. into a process that will transform how they look at their gift and elevate the way they talk about it and share it with the world.


I do this in a pretty practical, real, down-to-earth kinda way. When folks leave this program, they have a solid and practiced hands on experience of how to talk about their work, how to charge for it, and how to hold a solid container for others. And their old wounds around being enough, fear of failure, avoidance, and being seen – well they get absorbed and transformed as we go. This type of program gives you skills and tools while it heals you at the same time. Pretty magical to witness, it is.


This is what I’m up to. So if you are a holistic practitioner and you want to know how to get paid for what you do or you have an existing practice and want to uplevel, now is the time for an exploratory session. I offer these at no charge and they are an opportunity to get clarity on where you want to be, as well as find out if the Healers Collective is a good fit for you. If it is, we’ll know. If it isn’t, we’ll know that, too. I am not looking to fill this with everyone and anyone. I only want to work with people who are aligned because you’ll go further and faster that way and that’s what I’m here for.
I’m scheduling free exploratory sessions now. I’m about to open this calendar to a training group of 200 people and it will fill in the blink of an eye. If you are seriously ready to talk about taking your healing practice into the world, sign up now and let’s get to talking. I can help you and I’d love to learn more about your gifts!
Friends, it is the greatest gift when you share posts like these. Share in your groups of healers, with your family and partners who are looking to grow. Thank you 🤎
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Schedule a free exploratory session here and once you do, I’ll send more information to you:


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