We are at a point where the sun is at the height of its power and we can tap into that energy and work in the height of our own power, in our own light. If you’re in North America are you taking advantage of these longer days and light? Are you working towards what’s next for you?


The bigger question is — Are you ready for what’s next?



Ceremony changes our consciousness and creates a space for the sacred to reach us. I’ll be sharing this type of space soon in a new opportunity to work with me. The Accelerate Sacred Training for Healers is an offering that includes 1:1 shamanic healing sessions and 1:1 personal mentoring sessions to support you on your path.


I’ve got space for you, if this is a good match for where you’re at on your healing journey. If you’re not sure, simply pick a time in the calendar so we can talk about It. I would love to help you up-level your healing tools, skills, and abilities!


Let’s chat: https://brighid.as.me/accelerate


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