The Healers Collective

A 6 month pointed and focused program that will show you exactly how to take your healing work into the world


Weekly training, coaching and support

Online portal with access to all trainings and calls

 1:1 coaching sessions to fine-tune your business or healing practice

You FEEL you’re meant for more. You’ve gotten that NUDGE from your soul that won’t allow you to stay where you are.


I’ve got you. You’re not alone. I’ll help you figure out what to do to get you and your healing gifts into the world with confidence.

S T E P   I N T O   Y O U R   P U R P O S E


Activate Your Light

When you gather with other healers, you gain speed and get ahead faster than when you’re trying to create something on your own.

Students who’ve been through my group processes will tell you how much faster they go when working together in a group.


Isn’t it time to say yes to receiving support so you can finally grow into more? Is it time to stop waiting for it to all come together and begin to take action to make it happen?

When you invest in yourself, you’ll gain the tools you need to do what you’re meant to do and serve your sacred purpose.



Ready to share your light with the world? I mean really, truly step up and claim your role as a healer and wayshower of this time? Want to begin working with clients but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve been working with clients and you’re ready to take your offerings to the next level? You’ve been gathering all the tools and techniques for a long time but you’re just not sure how to put it all together? You’ve got a voice that creeps in, sometimes it paralyzes you from moving forward and stops you in your tracks?


When you work with me, you’ll naturally gain clarity and speed. (Students who’ve been through my group processes will tell you how much faster they fly when they’re in a solid collective container)


Isn’t it time to move past those excuses? Isn’t it time you say yes to receiving professional support so you can finally uplevel yourself? You know that when you invest in yourself, you gain the tools and the momentum to do what you came here to do.


If you’re ready, dive in with me! You’ll reap the benefits of being guided by someone who is successfully delivering their healing work into the world.


I’m a fire tender. I build, ignite and tend large, live, real time transformational fires for my community. I know how to nurture live fire and because of that, I am an expert at tending the inner fire that fuels your work in the world. You, my soul kindreds, are the next generation of healers, leaders and awakened beings here to make a difference. I’m ready to share my fire so it will ignite yours!


I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll show you your light. I’ll help you do what you came here to do.

I’ll give you honest feedback on what direction to turn next and show you how to incorporate your connection with spirit in everything you do. The 2023 circle is forming! It’s an exclusive Healers Collective for a diverse group of wayshowers. Are you ready?

In Healing Collective, you’ll:


  • Be guided to craft the right language to explain what you do

  • Determine your client niche and learn exactly where to go to connect with potential clients

  • Discover and practice confidently getting the word out about what you do

  • Learn exactly how you’ll work with new clients and formulate what you do with them

  • Recognize how and where to find your people and become a magnet for them

  • Establish how to accept payments and to be comfortable accepting money from clients

  • Create a powerful personal bio to shine light on your work

  • Have plenty of practice opportunities, in a safe circle of like minded community

  • Learn to lead your people through a process that optimizes their healing results

  • Know how to address your risk manager so you can be free

  • Receive support and encouragement from like-minded soulful healers who cheer you on all the way!

Live Online Training and Group Coaching Calls will be Thursdays 10-12pm (EST)

Recordings Available 


We begin on January 19, 2023.



Month 1 Sacred Values, Vision, Containers & Commitment


Month 2 Clarify what you do and develop a format for how you offer your work


Month 3 Cultivate and write content so you speak confidently about what you do


Month 4 Create and implement a personalized and effective process for working with clients


Month 5 Discover where to find clients, strategize a solid plan to get in front of them


Month 6 Deliver your program and pinpoint exactly how to advance to the next level


(order of topics is subject to change)



This program is quickly filling. We have space for 10 additional participants and once those spots are spoken for, registration will close.



  • Live Online Training Sessions – 3x Month
  • Monthly Group Coaching on all relevant topics
  • Monthly Co-working session to get your work done
  • Recordings of all training in the membership portal
  • A supportive group of like-minded next-generation healers and leaders
  • A clear vision and focus for your work in the world
  • Tools to move past blocks
  • Brand new insights into yourself so you can see past what holds you back
  • Personal practices to open limitless possibilities for manifesting your vision
  • Step-by-Step action plan for creating your own healing program based on your modalities/offerings
  • Solid, practical, down to earth effective steps for growing your clients and your business
DEEPER transformation


This is for you if you:


  • Are practiced in one or more healing modalities for a minimum of one year

  • Are ready to do or expand 1:1 healing/coaching work with other people

  • Have a sense of who you want to work with

  • Are ready to receive help with what holds you back

  • Are willing to stop waiting for it to happen and take action steps to move toward it

  • Can spend 10 minutes a day and 2 hours a week creating the life you want


This is NOT for you if you: 


  • You expect the universe to bring it all together for you

  • Your just starting to explore healing

  • You’re very new in a personal recovery process

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone

  • You don’t want to accept feedback and suggestions

  • Make excuses or blame other people when your plans don’t work



Are you ready to join the Healers Collective?



Yes, I’m ready!


 monthly payment options are available

This is a 6 month program. You’ll receive regular live group coaching and two personal coaching sessions with Brighid when you enroll in the Healers Collective! The program is half full! Be sure to fill out an application and set up your exploratory conversation soon.  


Enrollment for this program is by application. 


Click here to SCHEDULE A CONVERSATION and find out more.


Brighid Murphy and the Healing Collective Team invite healing arts practitioners, energy workers and coaches of all identities into this container. Our values include: Guardianship, Practicality, Inclusion, Service and the Sacred. The value of Inclusion requires all members to take personal responsibility for their interactions and behavior. We recognize Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia and Oppression to be part of a systemic issue that affects all of us. We work to create a solid container where we minimize harm to one another. If you’re uncomfortable with the racial equity movement or folks who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary or queer, this container is not for you!

When I started this process in Healer’s Collective, I kind of had a muddied idea of where I was supposed to be moving – business-wise and spiritually. And now I feel like I’m really firmly grounded in not only what I’m supposed to do but also what I’ve been brought here to do.”

Dhani Collins, Death Doula

“Before the Healer’s Collective there was this part of me that knew that I really wanted to have a build out to my business…I had an intuition that I had something to offer and I didn’t know exactly what it looked like and I knew there was a missing piece…I tried to launch my own programs online and I just didn’t really have the resources like to figure out exactly what it was that I was doing…With the Healer’s Collective I was able to contextualize what I was doing and give a voice to it. “
2022 Participant

“What stands out the most for me is the confidence that I have. When I got here, it really was purely just trust in spirit and trust in Brighid. I didn’t think I had anything to offer and now I feel so much clearer and more confident in who I am…I have action steps I can take now to move my work into the world, which feels really amazing. “

Embodiment Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist , Conscious Conditioning


Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you want to step into your light, offer your gifts to other people and would like the help of a spirit to make it happen. It’s for you if you want to ignite the fire inside of you and are ready to put your love, your heart and your commitment into YOU!


This program is NOT for you if you’re not ready or willing to invest in your own growth. It’s also not for you if your fear of the unknown is so strong that you are still talking yourself out of receiving help.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, the investment for Illuminate can be offered in six or eight monthly payments.

Your 1st payment will be when you sign up, the subsequent payment will be each month for the remaining months of your plan.

Payment Options: Debit carts and all major credit cards are accepted.

What are your policies?

Healers Collective is a non refundable program. If you’re unable to be present for the live trainings, all replays will be available through the online portal.

If you miss a training, it’s your responsibility to watch the replay and come prepared for the next month’s training.

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to gain clarity, to feel lighter, on purpose and supported by spirit. You can expect to gain the birds eye view that spirit lends us when we do this work together. You’ll feel like you know what steps you need to take next, to share your healing gifts with the world. You can expect to stop feeling as “if” your dreams might be possible and start to truly trust that what you want is already on it’s way. You’ll become a fire tender for your souls sacred purpose.

Are you ready to join the Healers Collective?


Yes, I’m ready!



monthly payment options also available


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