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I can’t tell you how many people say they’d love to be more visible in the world, they’d love to really start sharing healing with the world.. and they’re not doing it because they tell themselves they aren’t experienced enough.. or they don’t know enough… or that no one really wants what they have to offer.


It’s normal to have all those thoughts, doubts and fears. It’s become “normal” for most folks to just accept those thoughts and fears as absolute truth. What’s missing here is that fear and self-doubt are actually not what you think they’re about. Your mind tells your body they’re true and then your heart gets super quiet because it gets tired of trying to fight against you. I know this because I see it every day with my clients. The fear rears its ugly head and chews away at you very quietly. There’s a different way to approach this.


There are methods for moving past this. They go beyond positive thinking and waiting for spirit to show you what to do. They require you to take action in dismantling them. I’ll be diving into what really holds you back (and it’s not what you think it is!) and giving you a way to understand, accept and integrate it while you learn exactly what you need to do, say and share in order to take your healing gifts further into the world (and get paid for your work!). We’ll dismantle the old constructs and create a new paradigm for you. It all happens in the Healers Collective that starts next month.


Once we begin, you’ll be in a circle of healers who are all moving in the same direction – forward. You don’t need to do it alone. And, there’s no way you can fail. (Even though failure is a fear that’s burrowed somewhere inside you.) We’ll activate the fire inside you so that you can neutralize your fears and really make the difference you’re here to make.


Curious? Maybe you’ve seen some of my posts and you keep wondering what this is all about? Well I’ve got time to talk with you about it! I’m linking my schedule in the comments, with an invitation for you to chat with me.


Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll experience in the Healers Collective, full curriculum is available.


🔥 Build a relationship with your audience to create a connection that leads to paid work
🔥 Recognize how and where to find your people and become a magnet for them
🔥 Become comfortable accepting money and raising your prices
🔥 Create a powerful personal bio to shine light on your work
🔥 Lead your people through a process that optimizes their healing results
🔥Learn what holds you back and break through it so you can make a bigger impact on the planet
🔥 Become confident that you can create a business with your healing work
🔥 Create a pilot program and implement it and leave the Healers Collective program with a process you can replicate and enroll new clients into (no more wondering how you’re going to get more clients – you’re going to learn exactly how!)


This program is unique in that you get practical, actionable steps for successfully growing your healing business (and you take those steps WHILE we’re together) PLUS, personal and spiritual growth that’s amplified because you’re in a circle of acceleration and healing.

“Before the Healer’s Collective there was this part of me that knew that I really wanted to build out my business…I had an intuition that I had something to offer and I didn’t know exactly what it looked like and I knew there was a missing piece…I tried to launch my own programs online and I just didn’t really have the resources to figure out exactly what it was that I was doing…With the Healer’s Collective, I was able to contextualize what I was doing and give a voice to it. Now I have the Creativity Mentorship Program as my offering and I feel confident. It’s a program that can grow and change over time but also feels like something that I’m really committed to now…I feel confident about moving forward – knowing how to grow the business and I didn’t have that before the Healer’s Collective.” ~ 2022 participant

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