As a healer, you probably know there’s a lot in this world that needs holding. You’re often holding energy for not only yourself but your community and the planet. Sometimes, you probably need a reminder to allow some help in, or better yet, to hand off some of the pain, fear or worry thoughts so you can lighten your load. In this week’s healing meditation, I invite you to be with the heartbeat of the drum and literally hand over anything you’ve been holding, into the nourishing support of the sacred forces around you. This is a practice that you can revisit again and again. It’s great to do both in the moments of stress and as a releasing practice before you go to bed. It will help you to feel lighter. <3


Sit with me now for this healing forces meditation.


All love,

Brighid Murphy Signature


Let me know how this meditation made you feel in the comments below. And if this resonated with you, I invite you to join me LIVE for more meditations in the Sacred Membership for Healers or save my playlist of meditations for healing to your favorites.


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