I feel so strongly the pulse of this planet of ours. I know you are feeling it, too. We sit at the most pivotal time that we would ever know. Right now, many of us are experiencing feelings of anger, anticipation, fear, anxiety, perhaps even excitement. I am someone who holds a vision of our collective hearts. As a shamanic healer, the threads that are woven through me are the threads of all of us. I am pretty good at keeping a perspective, even in times of chaos and fear. I am always asking for the birds eye view. My allies in the spirit world are usually offering that to me. And from time to time, I feel quite intensely, the emotion of it all. It’s those times that I know it’s important to stop doing, and to just be. To allow the flood of emotion – be it fear, sadness, hopelessness or anger, to flow through me like a river. I know it’s time then to listen, to feel and to allow the river to flow. The river flows through all of us. When we try to stop that river, we cause ourselves harm. Seeing our feelings through to the other side allows something new to birth from us.

My request for you, is that you also allow the river to flow through. If you feel you will fall in, that’s ok. It really is. It might be a good time to bolster up your support team – in the physical or in spirit, and ask for help. Allow them to hold you. If you don’t know how to receive that support, practice asking and be willing to practice receiving. It’s imperative for the planet that we do this. There is no thing that we do, that serves only us. Our tears, our feelings and our rivers all flow to the same place. And as they flow, they are free. In that, we are able to stand solidly in our power.

We need all hands and hearts on deck right now, my friends. To have all hearts on deck, we must no longer deny our feelings. We need to honor our feelings without being paralyzed by them.  And we need to support others as they do the same.
I am riding the tides with you. And the heart of humanity is rising.
Honoring you,
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