As a transformational healer, I believe that one of the most important practices that we can develop is that of sacred listening. In a world that is often noisy and chaotic, the ability to listen deeply and presence ourselves is an incredibly powerful gift.


So what is sacred listening? At its core, sacred listening is about creating a space of deep listening and presence. It’s about being fully present without judgment or agenda, and holding space for the deepest truths and vulnerabilities to emerge from one’s own body, heart and soul. 


Sacred listening is not something that comes easily to most of us. We’re often conditioned to be constantly moving, doing, and fixing. We’re taught to listen with the goal of getting a specific response. But true sacred listening requires us to let go of our own agendas and simply be present in the moment, with our full attention and energy focused on what is in front of us.


Through sacred listening, we’re able to hold space to explore emotions, fears, and desires. We create a safe and receptive space where the deep wisdom of the body and heart can express itself. In this way, we are facilitating our own profound healing and transformation.


It’s also a deeply transformative practice for ourselves. By cultivating the ability to be fully present and aware in the moment, we become more grounded, centered, and connected to our own inner wisdom. We learn to let go of our own distractions, fears, and judgments, and simply be in the present moment with ourselves and others.


So how can we develop the practice of sacred listening? Here are a few tips:


  1. Create a safe and sacred space – Whether it’s a physical space or simply an energetic one, it’s important to create a safe and sacred container for deep listening. This could mean sitting in a quiet room or creating a ritual or prayer to set the intention for the conversation.


  1. Drop into yourself – Place your hands on your body, breath gently and allow your awareness to drop deeply into your body or heart. Say hello to your body and heart, letting them know you’re present. 


  1. Practice deep presence – One of the most important aspects of sacred listening is being fully present in the moment. This means setting aside your own distractions, judgments, and agendas, and simply being with your body and soul. Ask your body to share what it wants you to know. (If you’re struggling with a certain organ here, directly ask the question to that specific part)


  1. Listen with your whole being – Deep listening requires us to listen with not just our ears, but with our hearts, bodies, and energies as well. By bringing our whole selves to the conversation, we create a deeper level of connection and understanding.


  1. Hold space for vulnerability – In order for transformative healing to occur, we need to create a space where it’s safe to be vulnerable and receive our deepest truths. By holding space for this vulnerability, we create the conditions for important information to reach us.


  1. Practice gratitude – Offer gratitude and let your body know you honor it and will continue to listen.

Sacred listening is not always easy, but it is profoundly rewarding. As transformational healers, our ability to deeply listen and hold space for our bodies and hearts is our greatest gift. By cultivating this practice within ourselves, we are able to receive information directly from the source and facilitate deep healing and transformation for ourselves.


If you’d like some guidance on this practice, I’d like to share this Deep Listening Meditation I created for you. 


With love,

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