Energy and empaths, it’s a big topic. It’s an important topic.


As a transformational healer, I help people to create a life, create a reality that allows healing to occur and one of the things that we need to do if we want to heal and transform, is work differently with our energy. Manage our energy in a new way.


As sensitive people, empaths, people who feel a lot of things from other people can sometimes have trouble filtering energy. And it’s important that we learn how to filter energy so that we’re not beholden to somebody else’s stuff.


Every day, we walk through a lot of different energy depending on where you live, who you’re with, where you work. There’s physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, psychic energy, spiritual energy, there’s a lot of energy and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.


You do not have to be overwhelmed.

You do not have to feel everything.

You can begin to filter the energy.


You can begin to filter energy, so that you are only experiencing what you need to be experiencing and not a whole bunch of other stuff that’s not helpful, that’s toxic, that’s harmful and it causes you pain. Empath should not equal being in pain all the time. And it often does until you learn how to do it differently.


I didn’t know any of this when I was younger. I picked up all sorts of stuff. I was feeling people’s feelings. I was acting on other people’s feelings because I didn’t know the difference. I wasn’t able to separate out myself from other people. Now I know how to do that much, much better. And one of the main practices that I do in addition to spending time, a good amount of time by myself is, I work with the energy of a filter.


I wrap a filter around me as part of my shamanic training of grounding or rooting in centering myself and wrapping a filter or wrapping a shield around me. When you wrap a filter or a shield, you wanna make sure that it’s porous and weblike. Because if you’re putting up shields to try to keep things out, you’re gonna wind up giving a lot of energy to that, which in effect creates resistance and then you are working against the thing that you want to dissolve.


Why not just dissolve it?

Why not transform it?

Why not filter it and let it move through, so you don’t even have to worry about it?


A lot of people are fighting with energy, they’re being beholden to other people’s stuff. You can stop all that and you can suffer less by doing a simple practice where you breathe, you put your roots in the earth, come into your center with your breath and you bring in a filter. And you can do this through your imagination, your intention, your intuition, you bring in a filter, something porous and weblike and you wrap it around you. So that as you walk through your day, you’re filtering, you’ve programmed your energy field and you’re being, to filter things to move through, so that you are only experiencing what you need to experience and not experiencing all sorts of crap, which essentially what it is.


So that’s my tip today for empaths and energy. Filter the energy around you. You do not have to take on everybody else’s stuff. Not everybody’s stuff belongs to you or is for you. You just need to navigate it and sometimes negotiate it. Navigating it is first. So navigate energy through creating a filter, walk through the world, walk through your day, walk through your environment intentionally on purpose and with a boundary around you, a healthy boundary of a filter.


All right, I’m interested to know what you currently do to shield or filter energy that you move, that you come across. So drop me a comment and let me know and I’ll see you soon.

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