I wanna talk today about permission – where we place our permission and where we withdraw our permission.


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a shamanic healer and a teacher and I help people to access their wellness so that they can heal from within. I offer one on one mentoring and healing programs as well as group programs and intensives to teach people how to be in their power, connect with their guidance, and how to help other people do that as well.


So today I wanna talk about permission and I spend a lot of time thinking about where we put our energy that it doesn’t really belong or where we are sending energy, attention, intention, where we don’t need to be and we do this all the time. We do this in relationships, we do this with the things that we are concerned about, we do this with things that we are afraid of and we send energy to them, whether we say that we want those things in our life or not. We are streaming energy when we constantly think about something or a situation or a person. Whether it’s great thoughts or not so great thoughts, we are streaming energy to that situation and that person.


So when we do that, we are actually giving permission for that person, that situation, that whole scene to exist. We’re  giving permission for it to have a lot of power in our lives. And so I want you to think right now about some of the things in your life that maybe you’re not so crazy about that; that you think about a lot, that you are trying to work through or figure it out, or trying to find a why –  something in your life, I know there’s something.  And recognize that when you do that obsessively or over and over again, you are streaming your permission for that situation to continue.


And so there’s lots of things that we give our permission to that we don’t really want to be giving our permission to.


Sometimes we don’t even realize we are giving permission, but I want you to know that you are giving permission to things that you don’t want, you’re giving permission to situations to people and to beliefs that you don’t necessarily want.

The belief that you can’t or you’ll never be good enough or that those people are better than me.

The belief that you’re going to get hurt by other people.

All of those beliefs that we have are opportunities where we give permission for something else to take over our system.

So think about some of the beliefs you have, think about some of the people in your life, think about some situations that don’t serve you. And I want you to think about it in terms of giving those situations and people permission. And then what I want you to do is withdraw your permission for that to happen, withdraw your permission for other people to hurt you, withdraw your permission to be worried about something, withdraw and put back to you.


You decide what you give permission to.

you decide who you give permission to.

You decide which beliefs you give permission to.


Just because somebody else gave it to you or offered it to you or showed it to you, just because you grew up with it, just because somebody gave something to you when you were born, a belief, an identity, anything doesn’t mean it’s yours.


So go ahead and trace back in your life times that you gave permission and didn’t want to or didn’t realize it and just withdraw your permission and put your permission into things you wanna be doing, people you wanna be around, beliefs that feel good to you and practices that make you feel whole.


So I hope that you find this helpful. It definitely helps looking at things under the lens of permission, changes my reality, it changes the game for me and it gives me the opportunity to withdraw permission and put it where I want to really, really be putting it.


Have a beautiful day.

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