Reiki is a natural system of healing that invites and encourages ones own life force to move freely throughout the body. As this happens, circulation improves and anything that is blocking the flow of energy is gently eliminated, at a healthy rate for each person. Reiki not only relieves stress, it reduces pain and speeds up healing by calling the body and the mind into balance. The treatment aids in restoring wellness. Stress, as well as toxins are often the root cause of disease and illness in our bodies. Reiki allows the body to move into a state of complete relaxation. The body is guided to the point where nerves and cells are able to regenerate, toxins are released and alignment with our true nature is achieved.


Reiki treatments can be offered for any condition. Each treatment serves to invite a person’s being into wholeness. Treatments work alongside any other modality, with no contraindication or side-effect. It is helpful in alleviating anxiety, restoring energy levels, and detoxing the body. With Reiki, we treat acute as well as chronic pain, and also ease people through the transition of death and dying.


Reiki is practiced with a light touch, often beginning at the top of the head. It then focuses on main areas of concern, such as a dis-eased part of the body or an acute wound. Recipients can sit in a chair or rest on a massage table and remain fully clothed for sessions. Removing shoes & jewelry is encouraged for your comfort. Sessions are available for children, teens and adults.

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Jikiden Reiki for Immune Boost – Free Event


Jikiden Reiki is a simple healing practice that restores your mind and body to its original well-being. It relieves stress, reduces pain and encourages deep healing and wellness.


Stress is often the cause of disease and illness in our bodies. Jikiden Reiki invites the relaxation response, and creates a good environment for the elimination of toxins. It complements other modalities, as it carries no contraindication.


It is successful in reducing anxiety, treating acute as well as chronic pain, and easing people through transitions.


The most benefit begins to occur with 1-4 treatment sessions.

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Jikiden Reiki® Classes


Jikiden Reiki is not a new kind of Reiki. It is a style of teaching that is committed to passing on what was taught by your teacher – with nothing added in, and nothing taken out. Jikiden Reiki is a simple and direct teaching that comes from its birthplace in Japan.


The classes are full of information and approaches not previously taught in the west. Jikiden Reiki is taught all over the world, with more than 38,000 practitioners worldwide. Because of its simplicity, Jikiden Reiki offers you the ability to learn, understand and share what Reiki is, in an easy to understand format.


We are able to share the practice of Reiki with clarity, while demystifying its history and origins. As a seasoned Reiki practitioner with a 20 year relationship with Reiki, Brighid finds this class well received by experienced practitioners, as well as those new to this gentle healing art.


Your questions are welcome here! Please contact Brighid to discover more about Jikiden Reiki.

Shoden Seminars 


August 23-25, 2024


Class times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 9:30-6 & Sunday 9:30-4:30pm.



Shoden seminar investment:



Non-refundable Deposit (first installment) is required to save your space by July 27.


Space will be limited, please contact Brighid with questions.

Jikiden Reiki students may review any class for $50 per day.
Refunds for full registrations are available up to two weeks prior to class.
After that, registration is transferable up to one year from the date paid.

Okuden Seminar

September 28 & 29, 2024 


Class times: Two consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday, 10-4pm.

Okuden seminar investment:


For first-time attendees or reviewers, full payments or initial payments are due before registration closes on September 13, 2024.

Contact Brighid with questions.


Jikiden Reiki students may review any class for $50 per day. 
Refunds for full registrations are available up to two weeks prior to class.
After that, registration is transferable up to one year from the date paid.


Jikiden Reiki® Treatments


Jikiden Reiki is a Japanese method of healing that restores our minds and bodies to their original place of well-being. With Jikiden Reiki practice, improvement begins to occur with 1-4 sessions.


Sessions can total 90 minutes. Clients remain clothed and can be seated, or lay on a massage table.  When you visit the studio, we will discuss areas of concern and talk about what to expect during and after a session. Reiki is practiced through the touch of the hands, with a concentrated focus on areas that need support.


It is also common to do treatments via distance. Absentee work is very beneficial when clients are unable to travel to a practitioner, or when helping out in an emergency.


Reiki treatments also offer success with getting rid of habits, shifting old patterns and restoring wellness to the mind.  If you are interested in receiving support in one of these areas, please ask how sessions for treating specific or long-standing issues would be scheduled.


If you are interested in learning how this practice can help you to heal, visit the Jikiden Reiki Wellness Program, and learn how to receive an abundance of support on your wellness journey!


Treatment sessions are available for children, teens and adults.



Reiju-Kai is a gathering of Jikiden Reiki students for reviewing classes, receiving Reiju, and sharing opinions and stories.


Koryu-Kai is for Jikiden Reiki students to review classes, share opinions and exchange Reiki treatments with one another.


Taiken-Kai is a trial session for people who have not received Jikiden Reiki and would like to receive a short treatment session.


All Jikiden Reiki practitioners are welcome! Please join us for Reiju-Kai and Koryu-Kai! We will receive Reiju, review Jikiden practices and Reiki treatments. Pre-registration is requested.


Monday, September 9, 2024



Contribution: $35

Contact Brighid for more information about Reiki.
“I loved this Reiki class. I was already a Reiki Master and found this class to be full of new information that provided context and clarity to my practice. My relationship with Reiki feels deeper & my practice is more abundant as a direct result of the things I learned and experienced in this class.”

~ Reiki Teacher and Class Participant


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