Journey Into Spirit

Live Online Intensive
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Journey into Spirit

Live Online Intensive

with Brighid Murphy 

If you enjoy working with the drum and are ready to learn a roadmap for traveling into the invisible realms to meet spirit helpers and receive guidance and healing, you’re in the right place.

This online intensive will teach you a proven method for going to the spirit world to find companionship, comfort and tools for everyday living. Through working with the drum, a primary method for contacting the unseen, you will learn to move into an altered state to more easily connect with spirit. You will learn what to do, where to go and how to get to the realms where your sacred helpers exist.


How to ground, center and shield yourself (and why it’s important!)

Journeywork protocols for traveling to the spirit world

The healing benefits of shamanism today
How shamanic practices restore power

To meet and communicate with your guides, spirit helpers and wisdom beings

How to ask questions so you can decipher the messages you are receiving
To create and open sacred space anywhere
To travel between the upper and lower worlds of the shamanic realms



6 Wednesday evenings

September 27- November 8, 2023

6:30-8:30pm (EST)

There is no pre-requisite. This is a workshop that folks often repeat several times.

Sliding Scale Contribution is $297-$497 for the entire series.

To register, choose an amount within this range and 

submit it by September 20 to receive details.  

Most online workshops are pre-recorded. This will be a LIVE online intensive. There will be replays if you miss us live. 

You will have the chance to ask questions and receive guidance directly from shamanic practitioner and facilitator Brighid Murphy.

The momentum of the group will move you forward and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from other participants.

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details and a link for class.

**There are no registration refunds for cancellations made after September 20.**

Brighid Murphy (she/her/hers) is a healing catalyst, shamanic practitioner and community leader. She’s the creator of the Sacred Listening Method, Path to Power Programs, The Healers Collective, in-depth shamanic immersions and 1:1 transformational healing experiences.


Brighid’s been walking a path with her own sacred helpers, as well as physical teachers for 20+ years and she invites spiritual seekers and healers of all identities into her workshops. Her values include: Guardianship, Practicality, Inclusion, Service and the Sacred. The value of Inclusion invites participants to take personal responsibility for their interactions and behaviour. Brighid recognizes Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia and Oppression to be part of a systemic issue that affects all of us and she strives to create a solid container where we minimize harm to one another. If you’re uncomfortable with the racial equity movement or folks who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary or queer, please choose another teacher to work with.


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