Healing weekends with like a minded community of healers and seekers who hold you sacred and encourage you on your path. You’ll understand what it feels like to gather with a tribe



You’re ready to understand healing from an indigenous perspective and want to access the medicine you KNOW is inside you. You want tools and techniques to create a reality that allows you the FREEDOM to tap into your own healing ability. You’d love to meet and connect with the unseen realms of spirit and want to learn how to do that so you can feel like your soul is guided.


Journey will call you into a solid relationship with Spirit. You’ll be nurtured within a sacred container created in ceremony. Empowered to communicate with the spirit realm so that you can get the answers you need for you, your community and the planet.


Learn a solid protocol for meeting your spirit helpers, guides and allies so you can get reliable information for healing

Become the director of your energy so you create the life that your soul is suppose to embody and bring your gifts to the world

Emerge with advanced perspectives on healing so you can uplevel your ability to be of service to yourself and others

Discover the magic of the unseen realm, talk to the spirits of the land so you can tap into the deep wisdom of the earth to become solid and steady in these changing times on earth

Experience ONENESS with your own soul

Learn to actively and effectively journey to the upper and lower worlds to receive wisdom and transmute what keeps you stuck so you feel JOY each day



Explore the path of 7 directions to achieve clarity, wisdom and connection with the source.
Expand the healing lens through the practice of shamanic journeying.
Create and maintain a relationship with the spirit world, shamanic allies and spirit helpers.


Learning and practicing the proven technique of shamanic journeywork to deepen your spiritual connection and achieve clarity

Shamanic perspectives on healing that will shift your relationship from the reality you are living to the reality you WANT to be living

Creating and maintaining a solid relationship with the spirit world, shamanic allies and spirit helpers so you can feel confident in the information you bring through for yourself and others

Exploration of altered states of consciousness through working with the drum and the healing power of your voice

Essential practices that bring you into wholeness and align you with sacred purpose

Next Circle forming in 2021 or 2022!

Weekend 1 

Introduction to Shamanic Journeywork and Practice. You’ll learn to understanding shamanic practice around the world. Your perceptions will begin to change and your edges will soften so you can take in more of spirit’s messages. In the beauty of the natural world, you’ll begin to recognize the landscape of the multi-faceted realities (worlds) of the unseen. Expect to connect deeply with the spirit of the land.

Weekend 2 

Earth. You’re a sacred container and will identify the best way to ground, center and shield so you can learn how to respond from a neutral place instead of reacting from fear. You’ll begin to communicate with your body as the healer who brings you glorious information and wisdom. It’ll become easy for you to manage your energy for optimal wellness. You’ll get wise to a new paradigm for healing.

Air. Transmute your thoughts to help heal yourself and others with ease. Your envisioned reality  begins to come to life and you learn how to make your own sacred rhythm tools.

Weekend 3

Fire. You’ll learn the life changing energy of fire and start communicating with it to ignite the spark in your heart. As you employ transformative percussive rhythm for moving from waking reality to altered states of being, you’ll learn to create ceremonies to honorably welcome spirit into your everyday life.

Weekend 4 

Water. Explore the essence and nature of healing. Begin to uncover your own resistance to spirit reaching you. Observe the power of silence as a vehicle for healing. You’ll find your own unique medicine and tap into it’s power for healing.

Weekend 5 

Below. You’ll travel to the realm of your ancestors. Creating a relationship with the people and beings in your personal lineage, you’ll understanding the relevance of your ancestors and their love for you.

Weekend 6 

Within. You’re ready to call your power back from traumatic events and learn how to protect it so you stop losing it or inadvertently give it away. You’ll come home to the healing power of the vibrational frequency of your voice.


The power of this sacred group will catapult you forward. The container created and held by the group will also be a teacher and a guide for you. In indigenous cultures, healing and learning happens within the context of community. We’ll witness and explore this as the Journey unfolds.


** There is no pre-requisite required to participate in Journey. Please fill out an application and talk with Brighid before enrolling. Journey IS a prerequisite for any advanced training or healing apprenticeships you might be a match for in the future. **


Space is limited.

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“This is an invitation for some DEEP work held in a safe and sacred container by the amazing Brighid Murphy. Building your spirit team and knowing not just on a thought level but a soul-deep experience level that you are never alone on this journey of life is worth more than any $ amount. This is a commitment of time and energy to build strong relationships with your allies and ancestors. Do it.”

Devon Grilly


“I have honestly had more spiritual growth this past year than I have in my entire life by just following Brighid’s simple practices. Not only have I been able to connect to Spirit but have met three of my spirit helpers, which I never dreamed possible”



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are truly ready to feel connected and supported by spirit. It’s for you if you want to show up and allow yourself to be guided and are ready to put your love, your heart and your commitment into YOU!


This program is NOT for you aren’t willing to step out of your comfort zone, are on the fence about learning new things or if you don’t have a strong desire to experience spiritual connection and growth. It’s also not for you if you don’t enjoy the outdoors.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, the investment for this program can be offered in either one payment or a multiple payment plan.


Payment Options: All major credit cards are accepted.

What are your policies?

All participants are expected to arrive by 4:30pm each Friday and stay through the end of the weekend.
There is no room for racism, homophobia or transphobia in this space.
There are no recreational substances brought on site or used at the Temenos Retreat Center.

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to feel a deep spiritual connection and be supported by spirit. You can expect to gain the birds eye view that spirit lends us when we gather in a circle of tribe. You can expected to be surprised and excited at how much you look forward to your time in our community. You can expect to stop feeling as “if” it’s possible to meet your guides and helpers and start to truly trust that you are guided by your invisible team of help. You can expect to leave this training, empowered with a solid, reliable protocol for talking to spirit.

Interested in joining us? Request an application and schedule a consultation with Brighid.


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