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Shamanic Medicine Masterclass with Brighid Murphy


Learn a powerful shamanic technique to actualize your desires

Wednesday, November 6 at 7:30pm (EST)



 but struggle to make them happen.

You see other people who seem to have it all figured out and wonder:

>>>”What’s their secret?”<<<<

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In my Masterclass: MANIFEST IT NOW!

I’m going to teach you a powerful Shamanic Technique that will rapidly move you out of the past, propel you in the right direction (toward your desires), move you forward with ease, joy and freedom, so you can awaken the power inside of you and manifest your desires!!

In this Shamanic Medicine Masterclass, you’ll learn how to turn dreams into reality,  while being grounded in the present. You’ll get out of fear, doubt, worry and confusion and step into a more confident you!

Here’s what you’ll discover when you join us:

  • The #1 mistake most people make that stops them from manifesting their vision

  • How to become clear, confident & connected to your power with a simple practice

  • What you need to do to start tapping into a frequency that will propel you forward rapidly into your dreams, hopes, desires, and your soul’s sacred purpose 

  • The best kept secret that helps my clients make massive transformations in their lives

  • A powerful time shifting practice that puts you in touch with the future you should be living so you can call in the energy NOW and step into an abundant new reality


is Wednesday, November 6, 2019 from 7:30-8:30pm (EST) pm


The Masterclass will take place inside Awaken Your Medicine, a private Facebook Group created exclusively for classes like these, inspirational coaching and free offerings.

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I’m a modern shamanic practitioner, women’s empowerment teacher, healer and sacred mentor for the next generation of awakening healers and leaders. As the founder of Spiritworks Healing Arts, I facilitate deep transformation by giving my students the tools to align with their inner fire and step into their power so they can be of higher service to the world.

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