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Hi, I’m Brighid

Thanks for stopping in to learn about me! I’m here to help people heal and transform their lives. I empower incredible humans to communicate with their inner wisdom, embrace the practice of spiritual growth and reclaim their power to heal. I developed the Sacred Listening Method and I share it through all of my work. I’m a certified shamanic practitioner and natural healer.  I facilitate a shift in consciousness that move folk from living with problems to cultivating solutions. I help people align with their soul’s wisdom so they live rich lives, embody the best versions of themselves and have a bigger impact on the planet! I do all this with a down-to-earth, rooted-in-realness approach and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you!

Brighid Murphy


Healing From Within

Empowering You

Through my transformative teachings, training and private mentoring, I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives for over 25 years. My personal journey through overcoming physical illness and emotional trauma drives my heartfelt passion to help others heal so they can live their soul’s true purpose.

With me, audiences receive empowered practices to heal and transform their lives. I put them in touch with key information that shifts their consciousness so they step outside of their old way of thinking, embrace their joy and freedom and make a bigger impact on the earth.

Brighid Murphy Lighting a Candle

Expert topics

  • Sacred Listening – how it heals your body and mind
  • How to recognize your Soul Path and start living it now!
  • How to Heal Yourself Organically
  • 3 Cures for Hidden Inflammation and Why it Could be Causing Exhaustion in your Life
  • Two Ways to Shift Your Consciousness in 30 minutes or Less
  • Soul Sovereignty – What it is and Why you Need it
  • #1 Myth that prevents Successful Meditation 
  • Uncover the sacred sound inside you to free yourself and transform 

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