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Welcome Challengers!

This special invitation is open for you through November 18, 2020.

Want to continue to open to spirit in a easy, convenient way?

There are many things that prevent you from connecting. A full life, a bit of overwhelm, not having ideas of what to do or how to do it. Sometimes, you’re just not sure where to begin. 

As you probably experienced in the Open to Spirit Challenge – connecting with the sacred is easier than you think.

In these times we’re in, it’s becoming easier to connect with the unseen realms. The world is changing so quickly right now and because of that, people are accessing so much more than they could in the past.

Some of the folks who dive into the sacred with me are:

  • Discovering how to self heal physical and mental conditions that are causing them pain
  • Gaining companionship that they never realized was possible
  • Leaving unhealthy relationships and work environments that drain their energy
  • Receiving specific instructions on how to reduce stress in their everyday life

So what prevents people from connecting with all of this beautiful, sacred guidance?

The two most common things are:

  1. Not knowing how to communicate with the unseen realms.
  2. Lack of access to practices and techniques for getting there.

My sight is stronger since I started this program. I use to have a “knowing” and now I am actually able to see the information from the unseen realms and it’s much stronger than it use to be!

Yoga Teacher

So this is where Path to Power comes in…

Path to Power provides the tools and techniques to help you develop your own roadmap for communicating with the sacred.  It provides guidance and support as you develop your ability to get the information you want and need, to help you heal and gather insight for your everyday life and your path on this planet.  

Path to Power provides the keys you need to:

  • Create space in your life to be in a relationship with the source.
  • Discover the easiest and most reliable way for you to access guidance and wisdom.
  • Work with your psychic energy so you have more of what you want in your life.
  • Filter out the things that drain you and hold you back.
  • Understand your personal relationship with your guides and spirit helpers.
  • Be a part of an online community that also gathers in person throughout the year.

Through trainings with Brighid at Spiritworks, I know now, that I have constant access, a portal to travel to my truth and I will always be free. I am unstoppable and fully supported.

Shannon M.
Holistic Coach

What does Path to Power Community include?

  Sacred practices to help you maintain your relationship with your guidance

  Weekly Guided Meditations and Activations in your inbox

  Trainings on healing, energy and sacred practices

   Live Group Coaching sessions

  Private membership portal with access to everything

What I learned through Spiritworks helped me to talk directly to my spirit guides. I asked them what path I should take for my new business and I was surprised and excited to get a step by step instruction list for how to move forward. I didn’t use to have any clarity and I would never know what to do. That’s all changed because I know now who to go to when I need help.

Reiki Practitioner

Is it time for you to incorporate the sacred into your life?

Time for you to receive support on your journey?

Ready to connected with a community of bright souls?

Can’t wait to see you in there!

Brighid xx

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