Open to Spirit Challenge

Go from feeling uncertain, to knowing exactly how to receive daily guidance from spirit….in 10 days.

How the Challenge Works

It’s a 10 Day Challenge that will teach you what you need to do to open a pathway in your life that allows Spirit to reach you. It will take you from feeling uncertain about how to receive guidance, to knowing exactly what you need to do to receive daily guidance.

Each day of the challenge you will receive a video with instruction that shows what to do that day to allow your guidance to reach you. Over the course of this challenge, you will:

how to create space in your everyday life so Spirit can access you

what you need to do to open your mind, body and heart to hear messages

enhancing your sensitivity to the unseen realms

tips and tricks to help you hear, see and feel guidance everyday

After you take a few moments to watch the video and practice your tip for the day, you hop on over to the Facebook group and share with us what you discovered. Is it time for you to open your pathway to spirit? Are you up for the challenge? We are starting on March 8!

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