Hey, there, this is a week where we’re talking about healing and I wanna share a concept with you that you can tap into or bring into your world, the world of people that you care about, and just kind of leave it in your reference so that you have it available for you.


Over the years of doing work with other people, I’ve noticed patterns that happen in healing processes. And whether the patterns are taking place in a person’s individual healing process, whether the patterns are taking place in a group process, whether it’s my personal one on one shamanic clients or clients that I’ve worked with in the mental health industry or whether it’s my own process. I’ve noticed patterns and I’ve noticed key pieces that we need to pay attention to. And one of the key pieces that we need to pay attention to when we’re looking to heal something is the importance of having something that you’re passionate about to move energy forward.


So whenever I do a healing process with someone, the first thing that we do is establish where they wanna be, where they wanna be and what lights them up because when you know where you wanna be, even if it’s not fully formulated, and when you are engaged with something that lights you up, healing is easier. It’s just a fact. I know that there’s probably science behind this, but I’m purely going by what I’ve seen over 20 years with people across platforms and industries.


When you have something you’re passionate about, your heart is open. When you’re excited, your heart expands. When you have something that you’re passionate about, that may include serving other people, your heart opens as well. And so when that exists, when that heart opening exists, we’re open to receiving more. We’re open to receiving things that we might not be open to if the heart was closed.


The passionate energy, the excitement energy also allows us to keep moving forward. It gives us something to focus on which really holds us together and can be the glue for getting through a really hard time.


Now, when we have hard times when we’re going through deep depressions or if we have something really physically disruptive going on in our bodies, like there’s a cancer diagnosis or you break something or something intense is happening, it can be hard. It can be hard to stay in a relationship with your passion, but it’s easier to go back to what you’re passionate about, what brings you alive when you know what it is. And you’ll heal faster from physical stuff, from depression from chronic illness, when you have something that sets your heart on fire, keeps your vibration expanded, and allows you to focus on something other than your healing process.


Because what I notice very often when people are in the healing process is they hyperfocus on the healing, which then kind of turns them into or pushes them into like this narrow tunnel vision that doesn’t let anything else in. And there’s nothing larger that they’re looking to grow in their life.


When you have something larger that you’re looking to grow in your life, healing happens in a different way.


So, and this is something that I experience with all of my clients. This is something that I experience when I work with teenagers in a mental health setting. This is something that I experience in myself when my low points come and believe me, I have them. I bring my focus back or even if it’s just like in a little tiny corner of my mind, I remember I have a purpose and when I’m in my place of feeling good, I am stoked about that purpose. And I need to move through this and focus on that or focus on other people that I’m serving instead of being too distracted by my own crap or my own symptoms.


So this works for me. It works for other people and I want to offer this to you. If you don’t have a vision for what you wanna do in your life, create one.


If you need help creating one, let me know because I will help you create one. I have created trainings on this. And I also do this kind of work when I do the free breakthrough sessions.


So create a vision and stay in relationship with it and then begin to do some things that you are passionate about that are in relationship to the vision. It will help you heal faster, it will help move energy out of the way and things that need to disappear, heal, transform, energy that needs to circulate will have a better chance of circulating and will circulate faster when you keep your eye and your heart on what you love to do.


So if you are in a healing process or looking to heal something, I specifically want to hear from you. Head on over to the Facebook group, Awaken Your Medicine, and let me know what you’re looking to heal. If you feel comfortable, you can message me too. Let me know what you’re looking to heal and let me know where your passion is. Those two things.


That is our healing topic for this week. And if you have any trouble with it in your quiet time, when you sit and spend time by yourself, do your meditation, put your palms up and ask spirit to show you what it is that you are passionate about or what it is that you need to focus on outside of your healing process that’s gonna help you to move forward. And I know that the awareness will come because when we ask spirit a question, spirit delivers.


OK, I’ll see you soon and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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